Latin American Conference 2003


Who we are?

The Latin American Business Association at the Anderson School at UCLA is a mixture of students, faculty and Anderson alumni from around the world who have a profound passion for Latin America. Our interests in Latin America include the diverse cultures and traditions, the languages and people, and the unique business opportunities the region presents. The central aim of the Latin American Conference is to create mutually beneficial and long-term relationships between the Anderson students, faculty, the Anderson alumni network, and the Latin American Business Community as a whole.

Conference Objectives

For more than 20 years, Latin America has been considered the next pole of economic development for a growing number of global companies. Increased investments in technology and education, as well as, the continued economic and political stabilization in the region drive international companies to invest substantial amounts of capital and human resources in Latin America. The objectives of the conference are to:

- Cultivate and reinforce interest in the business opportunities in Latin America;
Create an open forum in which to share personal knowledge and business experiences in Latin America; and
- Organize a gathering of professionals, academics and government officials who are passionate about Latin America and the opportunities that this region presents.

Conference Structure

The conference will be structured in 7 parts: 4 key note speakers and 3 simultaneous discussion panels. Lunch is included and there will also be a cocktail reception for conference speakers and participants.

The keynote speakers will cover the following topics:

1) Opening Remarks: "Overview of Latin America";
"Frito Lay International: A Business Model for Emerging Markets";
3) "National Agreement in Peru"; and
4) "Reactivating Growth in Latin America - Responsibilities and Opportunities for the Authorities and the Entrepreneur".

The discussion panels are organized around the following industries / practices:

  • - Finance: "The investment outlook for Latin America"
  • - Entertainment: "Film Business Development Opportunities with Latin America as a Distribution Market and Content Provider"
  • - Consumer Goods & Retail: "Successful marketing strategies for Latin America"


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