For UCLA Anderson students, please see the web page Entertainment Management Course Suite 2007/08 for the overall courses for the year.

Bidding for fall quarter 2007 is quickly approaching and we have two available Producers Program classes, including the popular Peter Guber "Studios vs. Independents" class. We also have some of our internal Anderson courses on the entertainment space, including Entertainment Marketing and Entertainment Law.

These courses and a number of others are listed below. Recommended electives are those that alumni have commented were beneficial in preparing them for work in the entertainment industry. For information on applying for a Producers Program class, please read the instructions provided below.

As always, we have three types of opportunities listed here: UCLA Anderson courses in entertainment and media, Producers Program courses, and other recommended classes in the Course Suite. You can view the tentative schedule of courses in entertainment for the remainder of the 2007-08 school year on the EMMI Course Suite website at


Fall Courses:
The following three classes will be offered directly in the normal course bidding process at UCLA Anderson:

Entertainment Marketing (Mgmt 268, Sect. 01)
Wednesday 1-3:50 p.m.
This course examines the marketing process in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry has typically engaged in a specialized marketing process because movies are intangible products with a limited shelf life. Whereas traditional product-based marketing typically highlights differentiating attributes, entertainment marketing typically highlights consumer experiences.
Instructor: Prof. Sanjay Sood

Entertainment Law: The Film Industry (Mgmt 298D)
Wednesday 4-7 p.m.
Comprehensive overview of the business, financial, and legal aspects of the film industry, including financing sources and structures, securities issues, accounting, copyright, bankruptcy, taxation, completion guarantees, pre-sales, net profits, and litigation. Prof. Moore was also recently listed in a select group on Variety's Hollywood Law Impact List. so you know he knows he stuff.
Instructor: Schuyler Moore, Partner, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP; Lecturer, UCLA Anderson; Adjunct Professor, UCLA Law

Personal Computing for Managers (Mgmt 413A)
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-2:30 p.m.

Models and Applications for Market Analysis and Finance. The course will discuss living cases in media, technology, communication and other dynamic sectors to provide hands-on experience in developing informational resources and financial modeling that refine business intuition. Examples of such cases include visualizing the wireless marketspace, business models in interactive games, and sizing the digital music market.
Instructor: Prof. George Geis 

Recommended Fall Electives:

Highly recommended by entertainment alumni and other executives

Topics in Business Law (Mgmt 224, Sect 01) Prof Guerin, Mon/Wed 1-2:30PM
Topics in Business Law (FEMBA-Mgmt 224, Sect 02) Prof. Freixes, Mon 7-10PM
Financing the Emerging Enterprise (Mgmt 231E, Sect 01) Prof. Cockrum, Mon 1-3:50PM
Financing the Emerging Enterprise (Mgmt 231E, Sect 02) Prof. Cockrum, Mon 4-6:50PM
Negotiations Behavior (Mgmt 286) Prof. Erickson, Sat 2-5PM
Entrepreneurship & Venture Initiation (Mgmt 295A, Sec 01) Prof. Geis, Tues/Thurs 10-11:30AM
Entrepreneurship & Venture Initiation (FEMBA-Mgmt 295A, Sec 02) Prof. Schollhammer, Thurs 4-7PM
Business Plan Development (Mgmt 295D) Prof. Scheinrock, Mon 4-7PM (Course Pending)
Managerial Model Building (Mgmt 407, Sect 01) Prof. Ahmadi, Tues 1-4PM
Managerial Model Building (Mgmt 407, Sect 02) Prof. Herman, Mon/Wed 10-11:30AM
Managerial Model Building (FEMBA-Mgmt 407, Sect 03) Prof. Ahmadi, Wed 4-7PM


Producers' Program:
Here are the instructions for application and enrollment :

As usual, we have a limited number of seats in these classes with the Producers Program at Theatre, Film, & TV. You cannot simply enroll on URSA or just show up. For Fall 2007, we have TWO total classes available. To request to be on the approved lists for seats in the classes below, Anderson MBAs and FEMBAs need to e-mail and follow the instructions provided below.

You cannot go directly to the classes without getting on the lists through EMMI. NO EXCEPTIONS. Since there are a limited number of seats available we MUST go through this process. We also need to have an accurate list to send them so they know what to expect.

For the Overview of Network TV course, taught by Tom Nunan, please email a 1-2 paragraph description of why the class fits in with your career track and is interesting to you. Email your request to and please make sure to include the following items: your full first and last name, degree program, your year and the name of the class or classes you would like to take, along with your essay.

For Studios vs. Independents, taught by Peter Guber, no essay is required. Still, you must email so I can put you on the official approval list that will be going to the class TA.

Decisions are based on graduation year (as these classes are usually held annually), speed of response (not in hours, but in days), and your paragraphs (including their sincerity) and will be made by Sara Tucker and Jason Wise of EMMI. FEMBA decisions also incorporate Cindy Vogt's input. After you email, we will contact you in about one week to tell you your status. If you are bidding in the meantime, please bid assuming that you might not get the class, as these classes are subject to change and cancellation by the professors.

Once on the lists that go to TFT, you will be given a PTE number on the first day of class with which you will self-enroll on URSA.

Syllabi will not be available until the first day of classes although sometimes we receive a copy a week or so before the first day. Please also remember that each course you take will count as one of your three elective courses (two for FEMBA) that you are able to count toward units for your MBA.

Studio vs. Independents (FTV 291A)
Mondayss 7-10 p.m.; Public Policy Building 1246
(40 Students -- NO ESSAY REQUIRED! -- email to enroll)

This brand new class explores the growing multitude of movie venues. Recent discourses in the media have created the notion of movies as a “dying business.” However, the fact is that more people are watching more movies in more ways than ever before. The audience has not gone away – it’s the venues and the methodology of delivery that have changed. Creative producers and distributors must explore new and innovative ways to reach their film audiences and connect with them where they are and fulfill their expectations.
Instructor: Formerly chairman & CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Peter Guber is now chairman/CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, a multimedia entertainment vehicle in motion pictures, television, sports entertainment, and new media. He is co-host of the national television show “Sunday Morning Shootout” with Variety’s Peter Bart on AMC.
Studio vs. Indep. Student Survey Results Spring 2006

Overview of TV Network Management
(FTV 292A)
Wednesdays, 7-10 p.m.; Public Policy Building 1246
(10 MBA seats* -- 1-2 paragraph essay required!)
This course focuses on the network and cable television business. Weekly classes explore the role of the show-runner, executives from the networks and production companies, packaging agents, and the studio responsible for developing and creating programming. Last year the amazing turn-around of ABC from 4th-ranked network to number 1 became the focal point of the course. In an innovative approach executives from different departments at ABC were invited as guest speakers. Guests included Steve McPherson (President, Entertainment); Mark Pedowitz (President, Touchstone TV); Andrea Wong (EVP, Reality); Michael Benson and Marla Provencio (SVP, Marketing); and the showrunners of “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives.”
Instructor: Tom Nunan, prior president of UPN; Chairman and CEO, Bull's Eye Entertainment
Student Survey Results SP04


Applied Management Research (Field Study):

In addition, please see the Applied Management Research program site for information on those projects, many of which have strategic entertainment emphases.

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