Interdisciplinary Group in Behavioral Decision Making

The interdisciplinary research group in Behavioral Decision Making was formed in 2003. Our purpose is to draw together scholars with diverse disciplinary backgrounds and shared research interests in the behavioral analysis of judgment and decision making.

In so doing, we hope to foster greater communication and more frequent collaboration among participants. Toward that end, we sponsor a research seminar series that meets from 12:15-1:30pm on the second and fourth Fridays of each month during the academic year, promulgate a working paper series, and provide curriculum advice to doctoral students. We welcome participation from all interested faculty and students from UCLA and neighboring institutions.

Co-chairs: Shlomo Benartzi
, Craig Fox.

Behavioral Decision Making article, Assets Magazine, Fall 2009

Join us for the next BDM Colloquium:

January 27, 2017 | 12:15-1:30 pm | Cornell Hall - D307
If you would like to meet with Alex before or after his talk, contact: | 310-825-2881
To receive emailed announcements for our talks, contact | 310-825-2881.


Winter 2017 Schedule

January 27
Alex Imas 
| Carnegie Mellon University
"topic to be announced"

February 3
Hilke Plassmann | INSEAD
"topic to be announced"

February 17
Rick Larrick 
| Duke University 
"topic to be announced"

March 3
Dan Goldstein
 | Microsoft Research 
"topic to be announced"

March 17
Robert Meyer
 | Wharton 
"topic to be announced"

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Fall 2016 Schedule

October 28 | Co-sponsored with M&O Academic Area
Henghchen Dai 
| Olin Business School
Faculty Recruitment Candidate
"Fresh Starts: A Double-Edged Sword"
[details/further info]

November 4
Michael I. Norton | Harvard Business School
"Wanting, Voting, and Paying for Greater Equality"

November 18
Gregory Samanez-Larkin 
| Yale University 
"Decision Making in the Aging Brain:
A Neuroeconomic Translational Approach"

December 9
Shane Frederick
 | Yale University 
"Risk Aversion, Hedging, and Construct (In)validity"

2016 Schedule

April 8
Gal Zauberman 
| Yale School of Management 
"How Taking Photos Affects Enjoyment and Memory of Experiences"

April 22
Robert H. Frank 
| Cornell University 
"Success and Luck"

April 29 [new date]
Saurabh Bhargava
 | Carnegie Mellon University 
"The Complexity of Health Plan Choice: Challenges and Policy Remedies"

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