Management 298D: Seminar of Technology Commercialization and New Business Development
(Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters 2009-10)

Law 404: Intellectual Property Clinic: Working with Commercialization of Emerging Technologies
(Fall and Spring Semesters 2009-10)


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Mgmt 298D and Law 404 are year-long courses designed to introduce students to the technology transfer process, students must be enrolled for the duration of the couse to receive credit. Mgmt 298D is an introduction to the transformation of new knowledge and inventions into viable commercial products and services, with particular emphasis on the technology transfer process at major research universities like UCLA. Law 404 will emphasize the legal aspects of working with emerging technologies and the seminar will focus on the potential for commercialization. The course will be conducted in a seminar format and will be composed of lectures from distinguished professors and experienced professionals. An important componet of this course is for students to work in interdisciplinary teams on real-life projects that involve UCLA-affiliated technologies that may someday be the basis for a new company. The topics that will be covered are:

Fall: Technology and Legal Feasibility
Winter: Market Feasibility
Spring: Financial Feasibility

This course is open to a maximum of 30 UCLA graduate students: 10 students from the Anderson School of Management, 10 students from School of Law and 10 students from other graduate schools. Students will be admitted by consent of the instructors only and will be selected based on prior experiences, academic achievement, and evidence of entrepreneurial drive. This process is designed to ensure that the teams are multi-disciplinary and composed to students with a passion for entrepreneurship.


UCLA Anderson

Prior to the start of the course Anderon students must have completed Mgmt 295A and/or Mgmt 295D. Preference will be given to second year students. Anderson students should enroll in Mgmt 298D and will receive 6 quarter units for the course.

School of Law

Students must enroll in both the 4 unit Law 404 IP Clinic and the 3 semester unit Mgmt 298D Seminar. Preference for law school enrollments will be given to third year students, students in the LLM Transitions to Practice Program, and joint JD/MBA students.

Other Graduate Schools

Students must be in good academic standing and must have completed the first year of their graduate program. Preference will be given to students pursuing an advanced degree in medicine, engineering or the sciences. Students should enroll in Mgmt 298D and will receive 6 quarter units for the course.