Technology and Innovation Partners Program

The Technology & Innovation Partners (TIP) Program has the goal of accelerating technology innovation and commercialization at UCLA. The TIP Program works with the UCLA Anderson School of Management, the Office of Intellectual Property, the Price Center, the business community and the graduate schools at UCLA.

What We Do

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Feasibility Studies

Classroom Learning


Selected projects will have a feasibility analysis conducted by the TIP Fellows or as part of the Technology Commercialization and New Business Development course. Please click here to learn how to submit your idea. It takes a team to bring an idea to market… the TIP Program will help connect you to the resources necessary. Click here to learn more.


Feasibility Studies

The feasibility study is an initial assessment of the technology and is not intended to replace a business plan.

The basics of a feasibility study:

Concept Clarification

What is the product and what "pain" or problem does the product solve?

Market Analysis

Segmentation: Who are all the potential customers?
Targeting: Which segment will use the product?
Market Size: What is the total addressable market in units per year?
Positioning: Why will the targeted customer use the product?

Intellectual Property Analysis

High Level Analysis of Intellectual Property | Patents | Trade Secrets 

High Level Competitive Analysis

Development Timeline | Milestones| Funding Requirements

Classroom Learning


In addition to conducting feasibility studies, the TIP Advisory Board will select projects to be evaluated during the Seminar in Technology Commercialization and New Business Development course. This course is intended for students from the Anderson School, School of Law and other graduate schools and aims to provide students with practical experience in the assessment of new technologies developed by UCLA researchers. This year-long course will cover the following topics and culminates in providing the researcher with a feasibility study:

  • Fall:
Technical/Legal Feasiblity
  • Winter:
Market Feasibility
  • Spring:
Financial Feasibility

Click here for more information on the course and to enroll.
Click here for more information on how to submit your idea.


The TISeminarP seminars will be conducted by distinguished professors and experienced industry professionals and will cover topics related to intellectual property protection, new product development, business planning and venture initiation. The seminars are open to researchers and students and will provide a solid foundation in issues related to technology transfer and new venture initiation. See News and Events for more details.

Our Partners….Making Connections Happen

Bridge at Anderson

The TIP Fellows can help educate researchers on the various resources available at UCLA and beyond. The TIP Program will play an important role in connecting researchers and students to members of the professional services and investment community who volunteer as mentors.

The TIP Fellows can initiate the creation of a business plan for selected projects by connecting researchers to one of UCLA Anderson School of Mangement's experiential education programs, which include the Applied Management Research (AMR) Programs for fulltime, fully employed and executive MBA students, the business plan development course, the Wolfen Fellows Summer Internship Program and the Knapp Venture Competition. Meanwhile, students from the UCLA School of Law will provide assistance in the areas of intellectual property, securities, corporate structuring, and employment law.

For a list of our partners click here.

Technology and Innovation Partners Program