BIT Conference

Vandana Mangal, Research Director, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Dr. Mangal is Executive Director for the Easton Technology Leadership Program.  and the Research Director for the Business and Information Technologies (BIT) Global Research Network  at UCLA Anderson School of Management. As Executive Director of the Easton Technology Leadership program, Dr Mangal has been involved in the strategy, design and implementation of a brand new program - from a gift of two million dollars from Jim Easton - for this program at the Anderson School. As Research Director of BIT, Dr Mangal has published several papers and articles in journals and magazines, many in collaboration with global researchers. She has  published two books  with the third book forthcoming in 2012.

Vandana has given talks at several domestic and global conferences, participated in panels and chaired conference sessions. She has jointly conducted company case studies. She has served as the guest editor of a special issue of the Journal of Engineering Management and Economics titled 'Technology, Operations and Strategy in Innovation and Entrepreneurship'. She is the recipient of several awards for research and programs including from the Center for International Business Education and Research, the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and the University of California's Industry-University Cooperative Research Program. She is a 3-time recipient of the UCLA Anderson School Local Award given for exemplary performance.

Before joining UCLA, Dr Mangal worked at Intel. She also worked at AE Business Solutions Consulting Company as a Senior Business Analyst and was the primary liaison between the clients and the technical developers on several projects in sectors including education, telecommunications, recreation and legal. Before moving to industry, Vandana taught at the University of Wisconsin, Madison's School of Business and at the University of Wisconsin, Platteville's Computer Science department. She completed her PhD from the Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University; her undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering.