BIT Conference

Call for Papers

Researchers from academia and industry are invited to submit papers for the conference.  A title and abstract are required; a working paper will help.  Proposals will be evaluated by a conference committee.   We have a preference for papers that are applied, and reflect cases, data, surveys, or implementation.  We invite papers relevant to the conference theme, on topics including but not limited to automation, technology strategy in services, servicization, globalization, ecommerce, security, virtualization, service engineering, service systems and service design.  Applications may be drawn from any and all sectors including information intensive sectors such as health care, telecommunications, entertainment media, retailing, utilities,  IT outsourcing, business services, and professional services (e.g. legal, engineering, architecture).  

There will be no conference publication.  However, presentations will be recorded, and will be placed on the conference site, along with presentation slides and papers (all subject to permission from the authors and presenters). 



Service Industrialization and the Global Information Economy