BIT Conference

Service Industrialization and the Global Information Economy

This conference addresses the technology driven transformation of information intensive services through the process of "industrialization".  Since every organization can be thought of as a bundle of services, and since all industries involve information intensive services, industrialization is taking place inside companies as well as across all industry sectors without exception.   This is a very substantial change that affects every industry sector and every company down to the level of individual jobs and tasks.  

New technologies underpin and drive "industrialization" through improved processing power in processing information, low cost high bandwidth information logistics, process standardization, and higher productivity at all stages. At the level of managerial decision making, industrialization strategies include automation, outsourcing, off-shoring, process reengineering, service redesign, modularization, and operations shifting including self-service.  For industries there are changes in markets and in the processes of production and delivery.  In some cases these changes have already led to the substantial restructuring of some sectors.  In other cases, the changes are underway or incipient, often being ignored by incumbents.  

The themes of the conference include services, technology, strategy and globalization.  The industries that are impacted include perhaps every possible known sector including Healthcare, Entertainment-Media, Energy, Defense, Financial Services, Telecommunication, High-tech, Retail and many others.  

The conference will bring together speakers and participants from industry and academia to address the impact of these changes today and into the future.  The first day of the conference will be more oriented towards industry and practice, with a predominance of industry speakers - CIOs, CTOs, VPs and Directors from private and government enterprises.  The second day will be oriented towards academia and applied research with speakers including Faculty, Center Directors and Researchers.  Speakers from across the world will meet to discuss and further the thought leadership effort in this field. 

 Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Impact of technology on services
  • Innovation strategies in services
  • Future of technology in information intensive sectors such as entertainment, healthcare, etc
  • Quality management in a sector (such as energy, financial services) via new technologies
  • Product related service strategies
  • Technology innovations
  • Strategic role of technology in globalization
  • Emerging market strategies for services
  • Transformation of sectors with new technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, RFID, mobility
  • Changing business models and strategies with technology and globalization
  • Measuring impacts of services
  • Value creation in B2B and B2C
  • Evolution of services with the internet
  • Collaboration across enterprises
  • New services enabled by technology
  • Challenges and opportunities for sustainable services in today's global enterprise
  • Sustainable business opportunities due to technological advances
  • Role of government and policy in technology adoption and globalization
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Service Industrialization and the Global Information Economy