Free Industry Information on the Internet

The Internet offers many sources of free industry information. Things to remember:

  • Make sure you can trust the source (see Truth, Lies & the Internet by C|Net)
  • Is the information current? (check date; use View/Page Info or File/Properties)
  • Have a research strategy or plan (know the steps & have a "shopping list"). A research strategy is important to avoid wasting time, or collecting the same information, or similar information from many sources while still missing some information that you really need.

Start with an Industry Profile
These narratives define the industry and often offer even more.

Gather Industry Figures for a Statistical Picture
Industry figures may include production levels, employment, exports, etc.

Monitor News and Trends
Industry developments as reported in wire stories and company press releases.

Identify the Key Players or Competitors
Who are the leading companies in this industry?

Pursue Additional Pictures - Links
Links to industry associations, trade magazines, and industry portals.

Selected business research resources on the Internet

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