Datastream 5.1

Datastream Advance, version 5.1, is a global numeric database with millions of time series for financial instruments, securities, and indicators, covering more than 75 countries and 60 markets worldwide, with 30 years or more historical depth for some series. 


If you are having problems connecting to a database, please check the following:

  1. Confirm you have the proper access privileges for this database.
  2. Make sure you have the proxy server properly configured.
  3. Check if the database requires a special account.
  4. Check if the database requires a specific web browser.

If you continue to have problems, please contact your area of computer support:

Anderson Faculty/Staff/PhD Students:
CS Response

Anderson Full Time MBA/EMBA/FEMBA/GEMBA/MFE Students:
Student Technology Services (STS)

Non-Anderson UCLA Faculty/Staff/Students
Bruin OnLine

Special Request (see notes)

Available on-site only, within the Rosenfeld Library Room E2.14 Computing Lab. Access to any workstation in the lab requires an Anderson Network logon.

Restricted to current UCLA faculty, students, and staff. No walk-in access (including alumni). Eligible UCLA users without a current Anderson Network account login: please contact

The UCLA/Anderson School Datastream license is for 2 (two) accounts, or "seats."

As of January 2016, Datastream is installed on the desktops located in the front row of the Computing Lab—that is, the row at the opposite, furthest end from the entrance to the room. These are workstations "E214-01" through "E214-06."

Important Note: The Excel Charting Add-In for Datastream is available on workstations "E214-01" and "E214-02" only—the two workstations closest to the east wall of the lab. Please also be aware that Microsoft Office Suite 2010 is installed on these workstations.

The Excel Charting Add-In for Datastream is not available on the remaining first-row workstations, "E214-03" through "E214-06."

Please note that at any given time, both accounts ("seats") may already be in use.

HELP:  Viewable on the Anderson Network only

Database Usage

Electronic resources, or databases, are covered by licenses limiting access to academic use by UCLA faculty, staff, and current UCLA students, with some limited to Anderson School use only. Please also read the UCLA Library policy on Appropriate Use of Licensed Electronic Resources. Violations of the University's contractual agreements with electronic resources vendors can and do result in the suspension of access to those resources for the entire UCLA community.