Anderson Proxy Server / Off-Campus Access

Certain UCLA Anderson resources (e.g., online databases) are restricted to use by current UCLA Anderson students, faculty, and staff. Other resources are also available for use by members of the entire UCLA or University of California communities.

The UCLA Anderson Proxy Server allows authorized Anderson School users off-campus access to licensed resources [except inside office buildings, or anywhere else in which another proxy server or a firewall may be in place].

For some resources, the UCLA Anderson Proxy Server is required at all times, including inside the Anderson School complex:  For many databases licensed for use by authorized Anderson School users, logging in via the Anderson Proxy Server (with a current Anderson Network account) is always required, whether on campus or off. Whenever this is the case, information is noted in the "Details" section of each database description on Business Databases by Name (the A-Z listing). 

To configure your Web browser, please refer to guidelines for the browser you use, below:

For current members of the Anderson School community only:   For questions or problems you may have with the Anderson Proxy Server, please contact:

Persons Not Currently Affiliated with UCLA

Due to licensing requirements, off-campus access to subscription electronic resources is not available to:

  • Alumni
  • Former or retired UCLA or UC employees
  • UCLA or UC Extension students
  • Persons unofficially or only loosely affiliated with UCLA
  • Purchasers of a UCLA library card
  • Members of the general public

Please consult the UCLA Library web site for additional important information concerning how to Connect from Off-Campus.


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