Class of 2014

Every year, your Anderson MBA predecessors have been shocked at how rapidly the career search process begins, well before classes even start. And the intensity doesn't let up throughout the fall, winter, and sometimes spring quarters.  They wish they had done more personal reflection and researched the industries and functions prior to starting school.  Don't be caught unprepared.  Here is what you can do with the remaining two months:  

Pre-Orientation Deliverables: Due August 16

1. CareerLeader® Self-Assessment Tool
Self-assessment is a crucial part of any career search and CareerLeader® is one of the most respected assessment tools. Created by two psychologists at Harvard Business School, this online tool and is the culmination of 13 years of research conducted on MBAs and business leaders finding that an individual's interests, motivators, and skills drive career success and satisfaction.  At Anderson, we use the CareerLeader® analysis in our initial advising sessons and encourage you to revisit it at inflection points. 

Completion time: ~1-2 hours

  • Log on and follow the onscreen prompts to the NEW USER section of the page
  • Enter the personal email address (most likely
  • Enter your school's registration key: anderson-opera
  • Complete a brief registration process 
  • Click on TAKE THE TEST for each of the three inventories (Interests, Motivators, Skills). 
  • After completing all three inventories, you will be able to view your personalized results on your dashboard.  Your printable personalized CareerLeader Report will be available within the Toolbox section of the user dashboard.
  • Complete the 360° Feedback Tool.  Heads up: it can take weeks to get others to fill out, so don't procrastinate.
Trouble finding the 360 Feeedback tool?


Trouble accessing the site? Please email advisor Sally Stahl.

2. Upload Your UCLA Anderson Resume

Summer internship recruiting starts fall quarter, so it is vital to start working on your resume now.  

Get more pointers on resume writing, as well as view sample resumes on the Resume of the internal portal.
Parker CMC career advisors will partner with you in Orientation and the fall to help you create a high-impact, targeted resume that will most accurately reflect your accomplishments in your prior career to potential employers. Employers will not have access to your resume until late October after it has undergone several revisions.

Can't access these links?  You may have not activated your Anderson network account.

3. Create a Profile on LinkedIn
As you probably know, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to grow and manage your network. In the Parker Series, we will cover some of the key features to find the right job and get noticed by recruiters.


4.  Read the Startup of You

Written by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn.  It's a quick read that you can consume during your lunch break or on some exotic beach.  We will be referencing the material in the Parker Career Series.

Attend a Parker CMC Summer Q&A Session

You'll earn about the available career resources and get answers to your initial questions such as:

  • What is the recruiting timeline?
  • What were the internship and full-time hiring stats like from last year?
  • How can I get ahead during the summer before school begins?

To RSVP for the Q&A's at Anderson, log-in to myCareer and cick on the Workshops tab.   Room numbers will be added soon.




Wednesday, July 25

6 - 8 PM

New York Athletic Club

Tuesday, July 31

6 - 8 PM

San Francisco Omni Hotel

Wednesday, August 15

6 - 7 PM

Anderson C.315

Wednesday, August 22

6 - 7 PM

Anderson C.315

Wednesday, August 29

6 - 7 PM*

Anderson TBD 

Wednesday, September 5

4:30 - 5:30 PM*

Anderson TBD

The first three sessions held at Anderson were scheduled before Sundowners (check your class Facebook page if you don't know what this unofficial Anderson event is).  The last Q&A precedes the Accounting waiver exam.

* After the last two Q&As, the Management Consulting Association (MCA) is hosting a 1 hour Introduction to Case Interviews workshop. They will be discussing the consulting recruiting process, the events and education services hosted by the MCA as well as providing students with an introduction to the format of case interviews and how to succeed. This event should be attended by any student who is potentially interested in applying for an internship with consulting firms or wants to learn more about the additional resources available to students to review before classes even begin. 

Steps to Take Over the Summer


Utilize the Parker CMC Internal Portal
So much good stuff and more will keep being added.  Make sure to bookmark.  Login with your UCLA Anderson username (ANET)

  • Overview Sheets
    Created by Parker CMC and the ACT Coaches.  These one page overviews provide the insiders' perspectives on what to expect from various industries/functions and how to land the job.
  • Quizzes
    Quick diagnostic to find out if your work preferences really do match up with the industry/function you plan to pursue.
  • Day in the Life
    Check out the ones from last year.  We will be posting the internship experiences from the Class of 2013 in another month or so (they are in the midst of their internships right now).
  • Free access to the Vault and WetFeet guides 
    For broader exploration, start with Vault's MBA Career Bible.  If you have a more narrow focus, download one of the industry or function guides.

Research which Anderson Career Team (ACT) you would like to join
With the Parker Career Series as your course, ACT is your lab.  You'll be coached by 2nd years who have successfully navigated the process. Industry and function specific ACT groups meet for an hour every week during fall quarter and part of winter quarter to provide you with specific guidance in effectively pursuing the industry/function of your choice.

During Orientation, you will select your ACT group. Some will join two (one industry and one function), although it can be quite time consuming.

Parker during Orientation, Fall Quarter & Beyond


  • 1-on-1 Orientation Advising Session: Before school even starts, you will have a 20-minute appointment with an assigned advisor, so we can get to know you personally and learn about your career goals.
  • WAMO (What Are My Options): During Orienatation, there will be industry and function panels of 2nd years to give you insight into the companies where they interned and roles that they held.  Students find this very helpful for picking ACT groups and professional clubs.
  • Parker Career Series: a Fall quarter 11-week series for all 1st years going through recruiting. Master the skills to land the right internship and post-MBA job, and all your subsequent jobs as well. The first class will be on September 24 during Orientation.  For the rest of the quarter, if your Communications class is on Monday, then the Parker Series will be on Wednesday at the same time.  Or vice versa.
  • On-Campus Recruiting: Thanks to our Corporate Outreach Team, Parker will host hundreds of companies for lunch time and evening presentations, networking events, career nights and interviews
  • Beyond Campus Recruiting: Looking for a more specific role or a company that does just-in-time hiring? There will be 3000+ jobs in the Parker Postings and industry-themed Days on the Job to visit companies all over the world (ex. High Tech in SF, Investment Banking in NYC)
  • Advising: Parker Career Advisors are generalists, but are also aligned with industries & functions. You can meet 1-on-1 throughout the year for:
    • Career assessment and development (aka figuring out what you want to do with your life)
    • Industry and job function overview
    • Targeting outreach and informational interviews
    • Using the alumni networking and other UCLA Anderson resources
    • Resume and cover letter review
    • Mock interviews
    • Job offer evaluation and negotiations

Upcoming Career Conferences


Beginning in September, there are several upcoming career conferences such as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the National Black MBA Association.  Awesome opportunity to network with top firms -- like Target, Dell, and the Federal Reserve -- that might not come to campus.  Companies will conduct interviews at the conference and make offers on the spot.  Consequently, some students will have internship offers before they even officially start school. Early bird registration deadlines are approaching.  Note: you may need to take a red eye in order to attend.

Mark Your Calendars! Career Preparation Week: January 2-5, 2013


Although you will be doing career prep training all fall quarter, Career Prep Week is the boot camp to get you in tip-top shape right before on-campus interviews begin. The week will be filled with:

  • Intensive professional club programming
  • Coaching sessions with the Parker CMC team
  • Training the Street for acing finance interviews
  • Manias for Resumes and Mock Interviews 
  • Days on the Job: Seattle High Tech, LA Entertainment 

Questions? Attend one of our summer Q&A Sessions (details below) or post on your class Facebook page.
You can also call (310) 825-3325 or email us.


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