Tools & Resources

Health Management Primer
The Health Management Primer is an e-learning site that serves as a precursor/refresher to classroom instruction and discussion. The intent is for this primer to serve as a foundation and/or review for a given content area, which is addressed in more depth during the program. Features include interactive examples, a glossary, and a self-test. Three modules are available: Planning, Program Monitoring & Evaluation and Operations Management.

New Procurement & Supply Management (PSM) Toolbox Web site
The World Health Organization/AIDS Medicines and Diagnostics Services (WHO/AMDS) and its partner organizations initiated the development of a unique Procurement & Supply Management (PSM) Toolbox website for HIV-related health commodities: The PSM Toolbox website features a user-friendly search engine, regularly updated content, a forum to share tool use experiences and more. In addition, an offline version of the PSM Toolbox is available on CD-ROM free of charge. For more information, please visit the site: