Special Program Feature

The Community Healthcare Improvement Project (CHIP)

The Community Healthcare Improvement Project (CHIP) is the practical application or experiential component of the program, allowing the participants to immediately translate the MDI curriculum to improve performance in their own health systems. Through this peer-and-faculty consulting process, participants develop strategic plans to resolve a signi´Čücant issue or obstacle in their nation, region or organization. Participants as part of the application process identify specific initiatives that are aligned with national health priorities that they intend to undertake as part of their CHIP. The CHIP provides a process for conducting environmental analysis, identifying critical issues and/or key problems, formulating goals, objectives, creating action plans, and formulating monitoring and evaluation plans. On the final day of the program, participants present their CHIPs to faculty and to the class.

Note: The CHIPS are followed up by the administration of the MDI. All MDI participants must agree in advance with the periodic CHIP reporting requirements.

UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Management Development Institute