Contact Your Rep.

If you would like to see the families in your area impacted by the work of the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute, please write to your local representative. A sample letter is provided below. To find out who your local representative is, please visit .

Sample Letter


Dear Representative:

As health care for the nation's children continue to be an issue of concern, a critical problem is the many parents who do not know what to do when their child gets sick. Though they want the best for their children, many face a tremendous obstacle in caring for their kids: low health literacy.

As a [mother, father, teacher, health worker, concerned constituent], I want to bring your attention to the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute, a model that offers a simple, practical approach to improving the state of children's health and has the potential to benefit millions of families and taxpayers. It achieves this through a novel program that trains parents to become better informed about their children's health and develop the skills to treat ordinary illnesses, such as fever, cold, or cough at home. As a result, thousands of children are healthier, losing fewer school days; parents lose less time at work while gaining a boost in confidence and Medicaid saves millions annually.

Since 2001, the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute has trained over 40,000 families in 35 states. But this is only a fraction of the families that could benefit from the training. I urge you to consider learning more about the Health Care Institute ( and how its model can be adapted by other community and professional groups and local governments. Many of our state's residents could benefit immensely from this training.


[Name, address]