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Health Literacy Is Important

Results from the Head Start Health Managers Descriptive Study conducted by RAND revealed that 60 percent of health managers cited low health literacy as a major concern facing Head Start children and families. Other challenges to implementing health-promotion activities include lack of parent or family interest /support in the topic, lack of parent or family time to engage in the activity and lack of staff buy-in. The results also revealed that only 38 percent of health managers surveyed provide health-literacy training to their staff. 

Training Head Start Parents to Be the First Line of Defense in their Childrens' Health Care

A survey conducted by Dr. Ariella Herman at UCLA Anderson School of Management suggests that many parents are uneducated or misinformed on several dimensions of their children's health. To make matters worse, many parents don't have time to become better educated about the health needs of their children. This contributes to soaring health care costs, rising Medicaid spending, and overuse of emergency rooms.

As a response to these findings, UCLA Anderson and Johnson & Johnson launched a nationwide health care training for Head Start parents. The goal of this program is to educate Head Start parents so that they can properly manage the health care needs of their children. It also provides Head Start agencies with the tools and the resources to lead more effective health care training programs.

Mission Statement
The Health Care Institute is designed to better prepare parents to address the health care needs of their children. The training also strives to provide Head Start agencies tools and the resources to lead an effective health care training program through empowerment and dissemination of knowledge.


  • To provide training and information to participating Head Start agencies for the successful implementation of health care literacy programs to their families.
  • To enable Head Start parents to become better caregivers to their children by improving their health care knowledge and parenting skills.
  • To empower Head Start parents to become better informed decision makers for the health care needs of their children.
  • To enhance the self esteem and confidence of the Head Start parents in meeting their parental objectives.
  • To actively contribute to the reduction of increasing health care costs in the United States.


Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Contribution Fund has provided unrestricted funds to support the research efforts of the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute.

UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute