Participant Feedback

"The HCEP was the catalyst in moving my agency forward to open the first licensed mental health clinic in Harlem that is harm reduction based and LGBH inclusive. When many discouraged us from opening in December 2012 after Superstorm Sandy, the lessons learned in HCEP helped keep my eye on the prize. Fifteen months later we have seen over 100 people and have an eighty-percent retention rate in the clinic."
Regina Quattrochi, 2012 Participant
CEO, Bailey House
New York, NY

"My HCEP experience was pivotal for me personally and for the changing vision I was able to take back to my agency and the communities we serve. We would not be as prepared or proactive as we have been to take a leadership role in AIDS service without the information that came out of HCEP. It was a challenging and totally rewarding experience."
Cheryl Oliver, 2012 Participant
Executive Director, Saint Louis Effort for AIDS
St. Louis, MO

"Times have changed and business as usual is over. With the full implementation of health care reform and an environment of diminishing resources, it is more critical than ever to be collaborative, effective and sustainable. The UCLA/J&J HCEP program offered me the unique opportunity to apply what I learned to transform BOOM!Health into a more comprehensive and impactful nonprofit agency committed to improving lives through health and wellness in the South Bronx."
Robert Cordero, 2011 Participant

President and Chief Program Officer, BOOM!Health
Bronx, NY

"The UCLA J&J program gave me the courage to go after my dreams in creating new solutions to benefit the safety net and its patient base, in spite of or perhaps, because of adversity. The vision and stories of success that were interspersed with our skills and community building throughout the two-week intensive program were both rich and powerful, necessary to fuel the tough road ahead."
Kevin Lewis, 2009 Participant

CEO, Maine Community Health Options
Fayette, ME

"The program presented me with two amazing opportunities-one, to learn, and two, time to be strategic. Too many times, as CEOs, we do not invest in ourselves. Unless we do, our organization will not be successful."
Beth Wrobel, 2007 Participant
CEO, HealthLinc, Inc.
Valparaiso, IN

"I thought we were very business oriented, but you opened me up to realize how far we have to go, gave me the tools, the time for strategic thinking, new enthusiasm and the confidence to make some tough decisions."
Andrea Skolkin, 2006 Participant
CEO, OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.
Omaha, NE

"I am truly empowered to excel as a Health Care Executive that was given the tools and resources to continue my professional journey with enhanced knowledge."
Sheila Simmons, 2006 Participant
CEO, The Western Medical Group, Inc.
Mamers, NC

"Your personal encouragement has bolstered my confidence and the course has given me a sense of direction."
Tom Rose, 2006 Participant
Executive Director/CEO, Family Christian Health Center
Harvey, IL

"I appreciate the functional information as well as being surrounded by visionary leaders."
Laura A. Hughes, 2006 Participant

Project Coordinator, Wayne State University-Detroit Medical Center
Detroit, MI

"The high caliber presentations were outstanding - clearly tailored to the challenges facing healthcare executives. I especially appreciated the hands on coaching sessions focusing on our individual projects. The time commitment was intensive, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!"
Tom Eversole, 2005 Participant

Health Administrator, Benton County
Corvallis, OR

"The time was well spent in learning, ideas, work styles, places of interest, strategizing and much, much more. The networking was great, the instructors and instruction was more than I expected. In short this was a great opportunity."
Geroldean Dyse, 2005 Participant

Chief Operations Officer, Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative
Hattiesburg, MS

"The approaches, resources, and tools that were introduced and reinforced during the program continue to play a part in my work.  As you might imagine recovery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita continues to be a major emphasis in Louisiana's health care plans.   Gerrelda Davis and I continue to refer to the CHIP project and more importantly to its methodology often in our reconstruction efforts."
Johnathan Chapman, 2005 Participant
Program Manager, LA DHH/Bureau of Primary Care & Rural Health
Baton Rouge, LA

"Our CFO and I were privileged to participate in the 2005 UCLA/J&J Program.  The program was intense, fast paced and extremely interesting.  Every aspect of the program had a direct impact on our management of our FQHC; however, I have found the negotiation module very helpful as we expand into other markets and business lines."
Bob Young, 2005 Participant
CEO, Healthy Connections, Inc.
Mena, AR 

"I believe that the benefits of the program will have lasting impact on all of the participants' careers."
Loren Stone, 2004 Participant
Chief Financial Advisor, Barnes-Kasson Health Center, Inc.
Susquehanna, PA

"...thanks again for all of your hard work in making this program such a wonderful experience.  My mind is exploding with so many ideas!"
Brenda Johnson, 2004 Participant
Executive Director, La Clinica del Valle Family Health Care Center
Medford, OR

"We are so excited to begin using this model to make significant changes on what for us continues to be extremely problematic and to use this as a springboard to more effective and productive future planning."
Ann Hagan, 2004 Participant
Administrator, Park Du Valle Community Health Center, Inc.
Louisville, KY

"The program was organized with great attention to detail from beginning to end which is a testament to your dedication and commitment."
Patricia D. Wellenbach, 2004 Participant
Executive Director, The Wellness Community of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

"UCLA's program provides the participant the opportunity to implement much of the theory into practice by utilizing tools such as the CHIP and the PRIMER."
Robert Urso, 2004 Participant
Executive Director, PCC Community Wellness
Oak Park, IL

"It is incredible just how much we learned in two weeks.  It had changed my approach to my job, changed my approach to decision making, and had me tackling those projects or issues that I just haven't wanted to tackle head on."
Penny Washington, 2004 Participant
Chief Executive Officer, Wake Health Services, Inc.
Raleigh, NC

"[This was] the best career move I have ever made -- it will help me for many years. I loved every minute of it...I learned more than I imagined I could."
Jennifer Williams, 2003 Participant
Director of Health Care for the Homeless, Primary Care Health Services
Pittsburgh, PA

"I was able to return to my job and apply the concepts learned to improve the fulfillment of my responsibilities. A real life changing experience."
Kathy Brawner, 2003 Participant
HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator, District Four Health Services-HIV Program
LaGrange, GA

"The program was one of the most rewarding that I have attended in terms of quality faculty and introduction of tools that can be used to advance the goals of my organization."
Richard Brown, 2003 Participant
Executive Director, Charles Drew Health Center
Omaha, NE

"This experience was one of the most meaningful and productive I've had in my professional career, and I am positive that it will have a lasting impact on my role in guiding and directing a community health program. The curriculum was challenging and demanding, but because it was so, the lessons I learned and the new skills sets I developed will be internalized as a permanent component of my competency as a health care administrator."
Christina Esperat, 2003 Participant
Associate Dean for Research and Practice
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing
Lubbock, TX

"An unbelievable experience to have exposure to the quality of professors, consultants, and peers.  It was a once in a lifetime experience."
Ernie Balasco, 2003 Participant
Executive Director, Wood River Health Services
Hope Valley, RI

"Outstanding. The speakers were world class as was the content. The contacts made will assist me well into the future."
Forrest Olsen, 2002 Participant
Executive Director, Capitol Community Health Center
Springfield, IL

This program truly transformed the way I view our organization's potential as well as my role within the organization. It has provided me with the knowledge and the tools to new and exciting possibilities for redefining what we do and how we do it in ways that will improve our financial viability and enhance our ability to deliver quality health care services to the population we serve in ways that will meet their needs for years to come."
Susan Bauer, 2002 Participant
Director of Program Development, Community Health Partnership of Illinois
Chicago, IL

"WOW!! What a great experience.  I have learned so much and want to try to apply as much as I can in my organization."
Mark Casanova, 2002 Participant
Executive Director, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA


"I have already applied some of the concepts in my agency and plan using strategies learned as I go. I feel empowered to discuss budget at a higher level with our university account. I also believe that I will be able to explain resource allocation to our clinicians with greater clarity. You gave us tools to cross over our "safety net" boundaries to communicate and partner with the business community."
Gail Petersen, 2002 Participant
Program Director, Breaking the Cycle: Community Health Care
Tempe, AZ

"I was honored to be a part. It was the most useful training I have had in leadership and management."
Mary Haupert, 2002 Participant
President, Neighborhood Health Clinics, Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN

"I have participated in numerous education programs many at the graduate level yet this was by far the most challenging and exciting program I have attended. The content and faculty are exceptional. As a representative from an academic nursing center, my experience was also enhanced by participating with other community health care providers."
Elizabeth Kinion, 2002 Participant
Director Professional Practice & Center for Nursing, The University of Akron Center for Nursing
Akron, OH


"I have become both a better person and a better administrator as a result of the program. This program also gave me a sense of pride witnessing first hand what it is and how it feels to receive instruction at a higher level with professionals and by professors in different subject matters. The association with other colleagues from different parts of the country was very rewarding because it gave me the opportunity to associate myself and create friendships with other people in public service. I hope there is a continued education process for us in the future."
Arcenio Garcia, 2002 Participant
Director of Special Programs, South Texas Rural Health Services, Inc.
Cotulla, TX

"I found the program extremely well suited to my needs. The entire two-week session was well thought out, well organized, and well executed. The planners had circulated a questionnaire to participants in advance and clearly used responses to design a training experience which directly addressed the expressed needs of those present. It was, without a doubt, the finest learning experience of my career!"
Dan Sendzik, 2002 Participant
Director, The PATH Center (AIDS Center), The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Brooklyn, NY