Victor Tabbush

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Greetings from Victor Tabbush

Very few people have the opportunity to positively impact individuals who are committed to improving the social good. Even fewer have the opportunity to learn of this impact. I am one of those fortunate ones. For the past several months I have received correspondence from scores of alumni of our UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program detailing how this remarkable Program has changed them, their organization, and even the health system.

Some alumni have mentioned specific management tools introduced to them in the Program that they had applied with great advantage. Each person who has written to me described their renewed sense of energy and confidence that the Program has provided. Indeed, the Program’s ultimate and most meaningful outcome appears to be the confidence it builds. Alumni have overcome seemingly insurmountable organizational challenges once armed with the powerful management tools, techniques and approaches provided by the Program. So keep those letters and e-mails telling of your achievements coming in! I find these very satisfying to receive, and they provide affirmation that the program is creating beneficial service on behalf of the safety net. While we look forward to the twelfth year of The UCLA/Johnson and Johnson Healthcare Executive Program, we can also look back and celebrate its successes.

Victor Tabbush