Participant Feedback

Read what past participants have to say about the UCLA/J&J Head Start Fellows program:

"The Johnson & Johnson program was a wonderful experience. It was refreshing to hear a professional touch placed upon ideas that were familiar. It was equally refreshing to hear the ideas of peers that have had tremendous experience in the Head Start profession. I would recommend more Management Team members have the opportunity to participate in the Johnson & Johnson experience. This is a great avenue for successs in planning for programs."

Donald Carpenter, 2006 Fellow

"I see the Head Start world with a new set of eyes. The intense training has changed my life forever. As a result I will be able to lead the organization to make significant changes that will benefit the families and children as well as staff."

Unita Sims, 2006 Fellow

"Participating in the J&J Head Start Management Fellows Program is the best experience I've had in my professional life. It truly has changed my mind set. I clearly view our competitors as potential partners. The tools that I was given will not only enhance Head Start service delivery, but will improve services provided by all programs at the Monticello Area Community Action Agency."

Barbara Smith, 2006 Fellow

"Johnson and Johnson changed my whole outlook on managing... for the better."

Laura Ann Traum, 2006 Fellow

"My J&J experience was one that nurtured, educated and encouraged the body, spirit and mind. UCLA campus provides the perfect setting for enhancing the learning process. A once in a lifetime opportunity to build my management and leadership skills in a supportive environment bolstered by my peers."

Marlene Midget, 2006 Fellow

"The Johnson & Johnson Management Program was an intense but worthwhile learning experience. The information presented by the management professors either affirmed current management practices or provided new insights on leading and managing my program."
Judith Mower, 2005 Fellow


"Participating in the J&J Head Start Management Fellows Program was one of the best experiences I've had in my academic and professional life. I will always utilize the tools and information I received while in the program to improve my effectiveness and my program."

Khadijah Muhammad, 2005 Fellow


"Participating in the Johnson & Johnson Head Start Management Fellows Program was the impetus for a series of life changing events across all aspects of my life! Since returning home just a few short weeks ago, I have created two additional MIPs, one for my personal life and one for my professional development."
Kimberly Shinn-Brown, 2005 Fellow


"The J&J Program was intense, focused, educational and a rewarding experience for me. It allowed me to identify areas of personal growth and to renew my commitment and personal responsibility to the families we serve. The information exchange, the network and the professional relationships I developed will be a valuable resource. The knowledge and expertise of the professors was very inspiring."
Ana Trujillo, 2005 Fellow


"Never have I experienced a more challenging and rewarding two weeks. The professors were Head Start friendly, you could tell that they truly believe in Head Start and our mission. The wealth of information that was disseminated will be utilized and downloaded to all staff and parents to encourage internal and external growth. Of course, the MIP and the process we learn will never be forgotten."
Linda Vest, 2005 Fellow


"The J&J experience was the most relevant professional training I have ever attended!"
Steven Lewis, 2004 Fellow


"It was an honor to be part of J&J. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you UCLA Anderson School and Johnson & Johnson."
Laurie Green, 2004 Fellow


"The Johnson & Johnson Management Fellows Program was the opportunity of a lifetime. The skills I learned and the experiences I gained have changed the way I approach my work. Who'd have thought two short weeks could have such an impact!"
Seobaghn Arambula, June 2002 Fellow

"Participation in the Johnson and Johnson Head Start Management Fellows Program training was a wonderful experience. It has challenged not only my professional outlook, but my life as well."
Dean Burrell, June 2003 Fellow

"I encourage interested directors to apply to the Head Start - Johnson & Johnson Management Fellows Program. It is a challenge worth taking both for personal growth and program development."
Kimberley Hetherley, June 2003 Fellow

"What a powerfully wonderful experience the J&J program was for me. I was exhausted and energized all at the same time. Thank you to the staff at J&J for sharing your expertise with us. Our programs and the families we serve will benefit greatly."
Tanya Dolchok, July 2003 Fellow

"I never realized I could learn so much so fast! We can't wait to see our MIP become a reality."
Jane Gray, July 2003 Fellow

"Every Head Start Director should have the opportunity of attending this challenging two-week program. I feel so much more prepared to handle the business of Head Start in a highly capable and sophisticated manner. Learning to think deeply in two weeks is a very positive experience."
Sylvia Huntley, June 2003 Fellow

"Attending the Johnson & Johnson Management Fellows Program was very beneficial to me. I was able to gain confidence in myself as a manager and as a person. I learned that setting a goal needs to be specific also that it can be measurable, attainable and realistic."
Mary Soto, July 2002 Fellow

"What a memorable two weeks! The knowledge shared and gained, the friendships made and the thoughtful, kind consideration shown to all the participants made this one of best experiences of my long Head Start career."
Verna Cole, June 2002 Fellow

"J&J is such a rewarding program! It has made all the difference in how I prioritize and manage the tasks that I face everyday. The caliber of the instructors, the tools and the camaraderie among such a diverse group of professionals has made this an unforgettable and most memorable experience for me."
Benita Flores-McCrann, June 2002 Fellow

"I have been empowered a great deal with the skills, knowledge and experiences gained from the Johnson & Johnson, School of Anderson's intensive management training. The outcome has been strikingly reflective on the improvement strategies I have implemented, so far. Point of interest: Do not procrastinate!!! Get started immediately when you return from the training."
Gladys A. Adzimah, June 2001 Fellow

"The Head Start-Johnson & Johnson Fellowship program was one of the most informative learning experiences I had. Meeting directors from different cultural backgrounds was also very enlightening. Special thanks to the faculty and the program staff."
Soukeyna Boye Spivey, June 2001 Fellow

"The J&J experience is one I will never forget. The new friends I made, the education I received and the experience I had are memories I will hold dear to my heart forever."
Susan Connaughton, June 2001 Fellow

"The learning environment, the facilitators and participants afforded me an unparalleled experience I will never forget. I will be able to use every morsel of information for the future growth and development of my children, their families, the staff and our agency. Thank you for giving so freely."
Sharon Brown, July 2001 Fellow

"The Johnson & Johnson Fellows Program was very empowering for those of us on the frontline of serving Head Start children. Hopefully many children will benefit from the commitment made by the faculty and staff of the Anderson School at UCLA."
Irene Hardeman, June 2001 Fellow

"The management training at the Johnson & Johnson program was the best Head Start training I've attended in my 20+ years with Head Start. I hope every director can have the same opportunity. My thanks to Johnson & Johnson, UCLA, Head Start and everyone who made this possible."
Priscilla H. Currier, June 2000 Fellow

"I am indebted to Johnson & Johnson and UCLA for affording me the opportunity of participating in the Head Start - Johnson & Johnson Management Fellows Program. My management and administrative horizon has been broadened and my Head Start program will surely be a more effective agency in serving our children, families and communities."
Arvern Moore, 1991 Fellow and July 2001 Team Member

"The two weeks at UCLA were intense, and sometimes grueling, but rarely a day passes that I don't use something that I learned there. It was a tremendous benefit to me, our program and our agency."
Gayle Cunningham, 1991 Fellow

"It was an honor and a pleasure to have been selected to be a participant in the Fellows program. The warmth, interest and intelligence that surrounded us at UCLA will remain with me always. Best of all, the whole experience was an endorsement of the Head Start approach: we were given the respect, the confidence, and the tools to move forward independently in the future with skill and pride, just as we do with Head Start children and families!"
Anne Doerr, 1992 Fellow

"The Johnson & Johnson Management Fellows Program is one of the most professionally rewarding experiences in my 16 years with Head Start. I encourage any director seeking a quality administrative training experience to apply."
Jesse Rodriguez, 1992 Fellow