Northern CA College Tour

The Riordan Program offers a select number of participants the opportunity to walk the campuses of the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University through the Northern California College Tour.  Participating students are able to meet with campus officials from each school to understand the admissions process, course availability, housing options, and life on campus, as well as enjoy the fun activities planned throughout the weekend.  In previous years, students have been given the opportunity to see the San Francisco Giants play at AT&T Park, tour the headquarters of Google and Apple, as well as explore the many iconic sites of San Francisco such as Fisherman's Warf, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and downtown San Francisco.  As a result, the Northern California College Tour has yielded thirty seven students attending UC Berkeley or Stanford University (since 2005).

Riordan Scholar Thoughts on the Northern California College Tour

"The Northern CA College Tour was extremely beneficial.  I was really satisfied with the overall trip; it helped me build strong relationships with my fellow Riordan classmates.  My favorite part of this trip was visiting Stanford and being able to talk to one of the Stanford alumni at dinner.  It was nice to get insight about the college from someone who was not necessarily trying to sell the school.  I am so grateful that the Riordan Programs are so supportive of their scholars pursuing a college education."

Jasmin Gomez
Loyola Marymount University 2016 

"The Northern CA College Tour was an amazing experience.  I feel very lucky to have been able to attend this trip because it was so inspiring and helpful.  My favorite part was visiting Stanford.  It was an incredibly beautiful and grand campus.  The trip influenced me to apply to the University of California, Berkeley.  I fell in love with the vibe there and it was an amazing campus as well.  I definitely recommend others to attend this trip because it is a fun and educational experience.  The trip was more than beneficial, it was an eye opener for those who have never been to Northern California and it inspired me to apply to other schools in that area as well.  I would love to go back one day and visit the rest of the beautiful cities up north."
Arturo Korafi
University of California, Irvine 2016 

"My overall experience was amazing.  I fell in love with Northern California.  In addition to visiting the two campuses, we had the opportunity to tour the Google and Apple headquarters.  It was a greatexperience that I will never forget.  Thanks to the Riordan Program, I have decided to pursue a career in hopes to one-day work for one of these companies.  My favorite part of the trip was the night we met Riordan Fellows and Scholars alumni.  We got the opportunity to interact with professionals and it was a moment I thoroughly enjoyed.  During this trip I was able to interact less formally with my fellow scholars who I now consider my friends rather than just classmates.  I truly recommend other scholars to attend the trip because it is totally free and most importantly it will help those up coming seniors visit these two amazing universities."
Maricela Almendares
California State University, Long Beach 2016