Northern CA College Tour

The Riordan Scholars Program offers a select number of participants the opportunity to visit northern California during the annual college tour. During the Northern CA College Tour, students visit the campuses of University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. Scholars are able to meet with campus officials and current undergraduates from each school to learn about the admissions process, course availability, housing options, and life on campus. The tour also includes visits to iconic sites in San Francisco such as AT&T Park Fisherman's Warf, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and downtown San Francisco and the opportunity to tour companies such as Google, Apple, HP, Intel, and Facebook.  

Riordan Scholar Thoughts on the Northern California College Tour

"For many years, I uncertain about going away to a  college far from my home, but doing the Northern Cal College Tour with Riordan this summer opened my eyes. After visiting UC Berkeley, I completely fell in love with the campus, student life, and what the college itself had to offer. Not only did the college tour open my eyes to my dream college which I was unaware of, but I met many new friends within The Riordan Scholars and accomplished a huge amount of networking! Although I participated in many programs and camps over the summer, this college tour was by far my favorite trip, and I would recommend it for everyone!"

Ashley Williams
University of California, Los Angeles 2019

"The Northern CA College Tour was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Being able to visit UC Berkeley and Stanford University was as eye opening as it was fun. The experience helped me to not be intimidated or scared about college applications; instead to view it as my first step to success.  It had such a positive effect on me and I'm so grateful I was given the chance to go! "

Bricia Zuniga
University of Arizona 2019