Riordan Scholars

The Riordan Scholars Program targets incoming 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are college-bound and interested in developing the necessary leadership skills to succeed in college and business. The comprehensive program includes:  

  • Eight Saturday sessions
  • Human resources and organizational behavior case study overviews led by UCLA Anderson faculty
  • Team-based exploration of the stock market
  • A real estate competition focusing on communities in Los Angeles
  • Guest speakers from top industry leaders
  • SAT preparatory workshops for 10th and 11th grade Scholars
  • Personal mentors
  • Professional development seminars that include résumé writing, interviewing techniques and networking workshops

*ALL of the above is provided on a tuition FREE basis to Riordan Scholars!!!

APPLICATION INFORMATION: To find out more about the application process please visit the How To Apply page.

"I've always wanted to experience situation in which I could further expand my perception of leadership and collaboration, and the Riordan Scholars Program did all this for me. The Riordan Program has provided me the knowledge needed for my future success and my personal development. Riordan has given me the chance to work with outstanding people with the bright minds. I'm so grateful for this opportunity!"

Matthew Young
Morehouse College 2018

"Life as I know it is full of bridges. Each bridge is comprised of opportunities and relationships. They dictate they're own path that lead to additional opportunities. One of the most valuable bridges I've approached involved my selection and participation in the UCLA Riordan Scholars Program. I believe that each contribution and effort I've made and continue to make as a scholar will position me to construct my future and provide me with the courage to build future bridges to cross dams that life will present me."

Alondra Lizardi
University of California, Irvine 2018

"I have been in the Riordan Scholars Program for two years, and I can honestly say I have learned information that will actually benefit my future. This is one of the few programs that will give you information to succeed in the real world. It is fun, interactive, and informative all while creating a safe comfortable atmosphere to engage in."

Geraldine Carreon
University of California, Los Angeles 2018