Riordan Scholars


"The Riordan Scholars Program was an amazing part of my life for the last three years. The first thing I want to say is that I will miss the program and the people that make it such a success. Having been a Riordan Scholar for three years, the program really impacted my life and the way I think about things.

The Program helped shape my future, especially in deciding which schools I would like to apply for during my senior year. Through the College Roundtables Workshop, I realized what would be the "best fit" for me and I decided to apply to the schools that fit my interests. Had it not been for all the amazing alumni that come back and help the program, Riordan Scholars would have a harder time deciding where to apply for college.

I wish I could have been in the program longer, but I feel like it prepared me well for my future. I leave with no regrets, and I know I did my best every year in the different competitions. Not only did I expand my knowledge about business and the stock market, but I also learned to be more confident and professional. My success is not only mine; it also belongs to my family, my school (Lennox Academy), my friends, and The Riordan Programs. I hope to come back and visit often, even though I'll be all the way in Cambridge. Once again, thank you Riordan Scholars Program, for being part of the bridge that connected me to my success. I'll never forget you!"

Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez
Riordan Scholar 2009
Harvard University 2013

The Riordan Scholars Program targets incoming 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are college-bound and interested in developing the necessary leadership skills to succeed in college and business. The comprehensive program includes:  

  • Eight Saturday sessions
  • Human resources and organizational behavior case study overviews led by UCLA Anderson faculty
  • Team-based exploration of the stock market
  • A real estate competition focusing on communities in Los Angeles
  • Guest speakers from top industry leaders
  • SAT preparatory workshops for 10th and 11th grade Scholars
  • Personal mentors
  • Professional development seminars that include résumé writing, interviewing techniques and networking workshops

*ALL of the above is provided on a tuition FREE basis to Riordan Scholars!!!

APPLICATION INFORMATION: To find out more about the application process please visit the How To Apply page.