How to Apply

The Riordan College to Career Program seeks talented undergraduates who have demonstrated academic success and leadership skills, but lack exposure to graduate-level education. We encourage you to learn more about the Riordan College to Career Program admissions process through our web resources.

If you have questions about the application or program and you cannot find the answers on our FAQ's, please feel free to contact the Assistant Director of Programs, Tandia Elijio by phone at 310-206-3597 or via email at


The application for the Riordan Programs 2017 College to Career program is now open. The Riordan College to Career Program uses an online application process, and application decisions are made on a rolling basis.  All applications must be submitted with required documents by March 18, 2017.  Final Round decisions will be e-mailed by Friday, April 14, 2017.  


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  Application Deadline   

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Currently Accepting Applications

First Round: January 13, 2017
Final Round: March 18, 2017

First Round: March 31, 2017 
Final Round: April 26, 2017

1. Complete the Online Application. Upon completion, print the Application Summary Sheet and keep for your records.

2. If you cannot upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts to the online application, please email them to our office no later than March 10, 2017.

The following information is requested in the online application:

  • Applicant Background Information
  • Personal Statement: A personal statement is required of all applicants. The statement may be up to four paragraphs. There is no required topic for the statement. It is your opportunity to describe how the Riordan College to Career Program can benefit you in pursuing your long term career and/or academic goals. Topics of discussion may include leadership potential, integrity and accountability, academic background, management experience, diversity aspects, problem-solving skills, motivation, and the ability to relate well with others. The personal statement is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the Riordan Programs.
  • Copy of Unofficial transcript(s)
  • 1 Academic Reference Contact or Community Reference Contact
  • *If you are currently enrolled at a community college you are able to apply for program admission contingent on verification that you will be attending a four-year university by fall 2017. 

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible, applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Full- time undergraduate student at a four year university.
  • Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing by fall 2017 semester/quarter.
  • First generation college student.
  • Applicant must have demonstrated leadership skills and community service involvement.

Participant Responsibilities
Admitted College to Career participants are required to attend all sessions.  College to Career participants are expected to exhibit a professional demeanor and actively participate in class discussions, and all other program activities. Appropriate attire is required at all Riordan Programs functions.

There is no application fee. For all admitted College to Career Program participants, tuition for the summer 2017 program is free. Classroom supplies, materials, and food are provided for all session participants.


What are the program dates?

  • June 19, 2017- June 24, 2017 (Tentatively)

What does the Riordan College to Career Program curriculum consist of at UCLA Anderson?  

  • Professional Development
  • Self-Assessment Exercises
  • Case Study Exploration
  • Job Search Skills
  • Guest speakers from Professional Industries
  • MBA Admissions Preparation 
  • *ALL of the above is provided on a tuition FREE basis to Riordan College to Career Participants

What happened to the Health Care Management Program?

In order to serve a wider range of students, we revamped our program to include other industries.  After much research, we felt there was a need at the college level to prepare students for the job market by giving them the skills to be successful in summer internships and teaching them how to use those experiences after college. 

How do I apply for the program?

The online application for the College to Career Program is accessible by clicking on the above mentioned line.  Items needed for the online application will be applicant background, college transcripts, and essay.

What are the daily session hours?

The program will run Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. However, times are subject to change with advance notice being forwarded to each session participant. 

What if I cannot make all session dates?

Due to the limited time we have with our College to Career participants during the summer, it is required that students attend all session dates.  If for any reason you foresee missing dates, please take our policy into consideration before applying.  Absences are grounds for immediate removal from the program. 

Does this program apply to all undergraduate majors?

There is no major requirement, however, the program will focus on internships and careers in management and target business, health care, and engineering industries.  In the application you will have a chance to explain why you feel our program fits into your academic and career goals.

What is a first generation college student?

A first generation college student is someone who is first in their family to attend college.  

Do I have to be a UCLA student to apply?

No, you do not have to be a UCLA student; however, you must be able to attend all sessions.  If your school schedule does not allow for your attendance you should not apply to the program.

What is the application process?
Recruitment for the program will begin on October 1, 2016. Decisions will be made on a rolling bases from then until April. All applications must be submitted online by March 10, 2017.

What qualifications does the Admissions Committee look for in an applicant?
The Admissions Committee evaluates applicants' prospects as leaders and their projected ability to succeed in, benefit from and contribute to the College to Career Program. Committee members carefully consider personal and academic background information, achievements, awards and honors, and college and community involvement, especially where candidates have served in leadership capacities. The Admissions Committee seeks to create a community of students who bring unique contributions from their diverse backgrounds and experiences and who will collectively enrich the educational experience.

What are my chances of acceptance?
Every application will receive the same treatment. Each year The Riordan Programs admits an extraordinary group of students. We have carefully designed our review process to ensure quality and fairness. Admission into The Riordan Programs is highly selective and based on a comprehensive review of all applicants. Applicants are advised to apply for admission as early as possible. Admissions decisions become limited by space and student mix. As such, late applicants run the risk of being denied.

Can I save my online application and return to it later?
Yes. The online application can be saved and may be returned to at a later time.

How can I verify that my application was received?
After you click the submit button, please print your application summary as confirmation.

When will I receive notification of my decision?
Admission decisions will be sent via email no later than April 14, 2017.

Do I have to submit official transcripts with my application?
No, however a copy of your unofficial transcript must be uploaded with your application.  If you are unable to upload your transcripts to the online application please email them directly to our office ( with the subject heading being, "C2C - 2017 - Transcripts." 

If I attended more than one academic institution, do I have to submit unofficial transcripts?
Yes. Please send unofficial transcripts from all academic institutions from which you have received a degree and/or completed substantial coursework. You should also include unofficial transcripts you want reviewed by the Admissions Committee (i.e. classes you have repeated, additional classes).

Can one of my references be a professor?
Yes, undergraduates should consider also asking club advisers, internship supervisors or employers who can comment on your leadership skills.

What if I forgot to send an item in my application materials (i.e. transcripts)?
Your status will be considered incomplete if you do not complete and send all parts of your application by the deadline of March 10, 2017.

Can I drop off my application in person?
No. All application packages must be sent submitted online.

What is the application process for international applicants?
The admission process and deadlines are the same for all applicants.

What if my application is incomplete?
Only complete and on time applications will be reviewed.

Can I call or email to check on my admission status?
We will not accept or return any calls nor respond to any emails regarding admission decisions. Admission decisions will be sent (via email).

Is attendance to all sessions mandatory?
Yes, if accepted into the Riordan College to Career Program, you must commit to attend every day during the week long sessions.

Where can I find additional information?
Visit our web site at

If I miss the application deadlines, when is the next time I can apply?
You can apply during the next application period, which is set for fall of 2017.

If I have been denied, may I appeal the decision?
No. We are well aware of the depth of investment our applicants make while participating in our selection process. Accordingly, the Admissions Committee reviews each candidacy with great care and thoughtful consideration. Our review process is extremely thorough, and all decisions are final. Thus, there is no process for appeal.

If I have been denied admission, may I receive feedback on my candidacy?
Each candidacy is examined with an eye to individual strengths as well as a consideration of the pool of applicants as a whole. Our review process is exhaustive, and our decisions are made only after thoughtful deliberations. We know that being denied admission can be both unexpected and disappointing. The most difficult part of Admissions Committee membership is not being able to admit the vast majority of highly qualified and compelling candidates. Denied candidates will be notified of the possibility of obtaining feedback only after the admissions cycle is over. Such feedback is provided on a limited basis.

If I am not admitted, can I reapply to the Program?
Yes. If you are not offered admission to The Riordan Programs, you are welcome to reapply for the following year. All re-applicants are required to complete a new application, including new academic transcripts, essays, etc. The admission decision will be based upon the new application materials received rather than previously submitted materials.