2014 - Cheryl Wong

Cheryl Wong

" Participating in the Riordan Fellowship Program has impacted me in countless ways.  It reassured me I was making the right choice to apply for MBA programs and gave me valuable insight into what Admissions Offices look for when selecting MBA candidates. It gave me a sense of what to expect in an MBA classroom setting and what it is like to prepare for a case study discussion.  It reminded me to always value and prioritizes giving back to my community, so that others could benefit from outreach programs and assistance, just as I have benefited from programs like the Riordan Fellows.  By far, the things I cherish most about my time in the program were the relationships I made in just a few short months.  I was inspired by the Fellows in my program - their diverse academic and career paths, their individual reasons for pursuing an MBA and unrelenting work ethic, all their passion for what they hoped to accomplish in the future.  I will never forget my time in the Riordan Fellows, all the knowledge gained, and the life-long friends I still call on for support and advice today.  Thank you to all who dedicate your time and resources to the Riordan Programs and allowing others to have this experience year-after-year."

Current Title: VP, Chip Product Lead - CFS Digital Payments Team

Current Employer:  Wells Fargo Bank

Undergraduate University: University of California, Berkeley

Graduate University:  MBA, Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles

Riordan Program: MBA Fellow 2005