Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer with The Riordan Programs!

Make a difference by volunteering for any program: Scholars, College to Career, and MBA Fellows. We are looking for dedicated individuals with superior knowledge of their industry who are motivated to encourage and educate our program participants. Our objective is to help our students become competitive academically and professionally.


Please review the following opportunities to volunteer below. Contact us at Riordan.programs@anderson.ucla.edu.


Be a Speaker!

Volunteer your time as a speaker. Take the time to share your exciting story of success with our students. Lend your advice to the inquiring minds of our participants. Tell us about your journey to your current career. Provide curriculum on your field of study. This is your opportunity to share your story and/or field of study with our eager students. We'd love to have your host a workshop or discussion.

Sponsor a Session!

Follow the path of Deloitte Consulting and sponsor an individual program session. Diversity is a critical element to any company’s success. This is a chance to share your organization’s recruiting and retention practices for talented individuals. Our program participants are always interested to learn about employment and internship opportunities domestically and overseas.

Teach a Workshop!

What is your specialty? If you are knowledge expert within your industry, share that information with our Program participants. Help our students build skill sets that they need to be successful within your industry. In the end, you will be revealing the opportunities as well as the challenges for a successful academic and professional career.

Host a Dinner for 5!

Treat selected members of our Programs to fine dining while sharing your wealth of knowledge about your industry. Answer questions and give advice about what it’s like to succeed in the real world. Get to know our participants personally and educate them on the internship opportunities available with your company.

Give a Site Tour!

Show our students what it’s like to work with your company. Give them a detailed tour of your facility to show them the “ins and outs” of how you make your day to day activities translate into the success that you are as a company. Give them the opportunity to experience your company in a way that they have never been seen it before!

Host a Roundtable Discussion!

Join us during one of our sessions’ roundtable discussion. This is your time to answer individual questions in regards to your industry. Our participants are eager to know what it takes to be a success in business. Help prepare them for their career paths by signing up today!