Management Development For Entrepreneurs


The MDE sponsors provide us with generous financial support, individual scholarships, and participant referrals. Their long-term commitment to the MDE Program has enabled us to build equity and diversity within the business community. With the firm belief that professional entrepreneurial training is the key to furthering the development of under-utilized small businesses, MDE seeks to train small, growing enterprises to induce productivity and profitability in the marketplace. Our sponsors support MDE because they recognize that entrepreneurs, particularly many of their own supplier companies, lack formal exposure to the tools, methods, strategies, and approaches needed to develop and grow their organizations. During the MDE Program, participants have the opportunity to build and strengthen connections with our sponsor representatives and also develop ties to various regional trade associations and diversity focused organizations.

With continued support from our sponsors and community partners, MDE strives to develop the entrepreneurial skills of small business owners to enable them to be a viable competitor within the procurement environment.

Major Sponsors





Community Partners 


Please contact the Price Center staff if you are interested in supporting the growth of California's entrepreneurial community by becoming an MDE program sponsor or scholarship donor.