Management Development For Entrepreneurs

MDE Fellows

UCLA Anderson Students,

Management Development for Entrepreneurs (MDE), offered by the Price Center, is a premiere educational opportunity that enables entrepreneurs to develop essential management skills and strengthen their ability to build and manage effective and profitable organizations. MDE provides participants with a varied curriculum of lectures, case discussions, applied workshops, and business improvement consultation to help them develop management tools to confront issues facing today's growing enterprises.

Role Description
The MBA fellows (Anderson MBAs and FEMBAs) are essentional to the success of the MDE programs. MBA fellows lead a group of four to five entrepreneurs, guiding them in their studies and to develop a Business Improvement Project (BIP). The BIP is a strategic initiative that uses the skills and knowledge the entrepreneur has gained in the program to make significant changes to his or her business. Working side by side with entrepreneurs on their BIPs, fellows are given a chance to apply their knowledge and expertise to real-world situations. Those chosen for the fellowship will receive a stipend.

The MDE program takes great pride in the MBA fellows that are carefully selected to represent UCLA Anderson. We encourage entrepreneurially-minded Anderson learn more about MDE by attending the mandatory orientation session held each spring.

We want MBA fellows who will:

  • Best represent UCLA Anderson and our dedication to entrepreneurs
  • Support faculty in teaching core curriculum
  • Coach and guide entrepreneurs in business strategy
  • Contribute to the success and direction of the MDE programs

Ideal MBA fellows are:

  • Interested in entrepreneurship
  • Interested in consulting
  • Personable, working well with diverse people/groups
  • Dedicated to the EA and other student career clubs
  • Passionate about their business pursuits
  • Always interested in learning—from academics to life lessons
  • From any background, from traditional to unique