Management Development For Entrepreneurs


Our lectures are led by award-winning educators and researchers from both the academic and business community with proven success in teaching entrepreneurial techniques to build and manage effective and profitable organizations.

Alfred E. Osborne, Jr., MDE Faculty Director
strategy, opportunity recognition, growth & valuation, and credit analysis & bankability

George Abe
strategy and growth & valuation

Charles J. Corbett 
operations management, supply chain management, and customer service

Eric G. Flamholtz
organizational transition and strategic planning

George T. Geis
principles of finance and accounting, cash flow management, capital budgeting, digital economy, and strategic partnerships

Jagmohan Raju
techniques in market pricing, personal selling, and market research

Yvonne Randle
managerial transition, motivation and performance management, organizational transition and managerial effectiveness

Guillaume Roels
supply chain management, operations management

Eric Sussman
leasing and financial analysis

Carol Scott
strategic marketing and building a competitive advantage