Program Faculty

Classroom sessions are led by award winning Anderson faculty and by experts in the field of early childhood education and public policy. The faculty are particularly distinguished for their contributions to entrepreneurial and non-profit education.

ALFRED E. OSBORNE, Jr. - Associate Professor and Senior Associate Dean, UCLA Anderson. Dr. Osborne is the founder and faculty director of the top-ranked Harold Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. His commitment has driven the initiation of several non-profit/community outreach programs throughout the Center. In addition to his responsibilities at UCLA, Dr. Osborne serves on numerous corporate boards, municipal committees, and advisory groups, and remains active in the entrepreneurial and venture development community. Ph.D. Stanford University.

ARIELLA D. HERMAN - Senior Lecturer, UCLA Anderson. Dr. Herman brings her research and consulting expertise into the teaching of child care and health care management systems, project management, office automation, operations management, model building, and organization of information systems. Recipient of several teaching awards including the Citibank Teaching Award in 1995 and HeadStart/Johnson & Johnson Exceptional Teaching Award. Ph.D. Paris University

JANIS S. FORMAN - Adjunct Professor, Director, Management Communications, UCLA Anderson. Dr. Forman focuses her research on group writing processes, integration of writing and computer technology, composition theory, and translation and management communications. Ph.D. Rutgers University.

GEORGE T. GEIS - Adjunct Professor and Associate Dean for the Executive MBA Program, UCLA Anderson. Author of many professional articles and five books, Dr. Geis teaches finance and accounting and lectures and writes frequently about emerging trends in digital economy and electronics commerce. Voted Outstanding Teacher of the Year at Anderson four times. Ph.D University of Southern California

KAREN HILL-SCOTT - Adjunct Professor, School of Public Policy, UCLA, President, Karen-Hill Scott and Company. Dr. Hill-Scott is a ntionally recognized expert in child care and development and in children's television programming. She is the co-founder of Crystal Staris - the largest private non-profit child development agency in California. Dr. Hill-Scott has served as the chairman of the California Department of Education's Universal Preschool Task Force and is responsible for creating a 10 year master plan to bring Universal Preschool of Los Angeles. Ed.D. University of California, Los Angeles.

BARBARA S. LAWRENCE - Professor, UCLA Anderson. An organizational theorist, Dr. Lawrence examines the relationship between formal and informal organizational structure, the evolution of organizational norms, and its impact of internal labor markets on employees' expectations and implicit work contracts. Her teaching areas include human resources management, organizational change, group dynamics, career development, and occupational sociology. Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

YVONNE RANDLE - Lecturer, UCLA Anderson and Vice President, Management Systems Consulting. Dr. Randle specializes in helping organizations successfully make the transition from one stage of development to the next. Her expertise includes facilitating the strategic planning process, helping companies manage their corporate cultures, and helping firms design and re-design their structures. Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles.

ANTHONY P. RAIA - Professor Emeritus, UCLA Anderson. Dr. Raia specializes in the role of power and politics in organizational change and development. His primary research interested include the application of management and organizational development concepts and techniques, and action research in organizational innovation and change processes. Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles.

SANJAY SOOD - Assistant Professor, UCLA Anderson. Dr. Sood specializes in Marketing Management, Brand Management, Advertising and Consumer Behavior. Using psychological principles, Dr. Sood examines how firms can best build, manage, and leverage strong brand names. This includes investigating what brand names mean to consumers, how to use brand slogans and characters to build equity, how to use brand naming strategies to launch new products, and how to protect brand names from becoming diluted over time and across geographics boundaries. Ph.D. Stanford University.

CAROL SCOTT - Professor, UCLA Anderson. Dr. Scott focuses her research on marketing positioning strategies and customer analysis for marketing decisions. She has examined how and what consumers learn from their own consumption behaviour and outside information sources, in particular how consumers form and change believes about marketplace characteristics. She has served as a consultant to a variety of profit and nonprofit organizations. Ph.D. Northwestern University.

ERIC SUSSMAN - Lecturer, UCLA Anderson. Mr. Sussman is a licensed CPA and real estate broker with the State of California. He has taught undergraduate and graduate accounting and finance courses include Intermediate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Real Estate Investment, and Finance. Voted Teacher of the Year four times.

VICTOR C. TABBUSH - Adjunct Professor, Director, Center for Health Services Management, UCLA Anderson. Dr. Tabbush is a specialist in the area of health care economics and management and founder of the UCLA Center foe Health Care Management, which provides education and research for health care providers. Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles.

Management Development for Early Childhood Educators