The Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies offers current Anderson MBA students the opportunity to participate in the Management Development for Early Childhood Educators (MDECE) Program, an executive training program that provides managment training to executive teams running a center-based early childhood education program.

MBA Fellows are Anderson graduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence, solid business experience, and a strong interest in consulting and entrepreneurship. Selected MDECE Fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with early childhood educators and help them manage the change process for expanding and improving services to children and families in their community.

MDECE Fellows lead one-hour learning workshops that are designed to assist early childhood educators with homework assignments. Throughout the program, Fellows provide consultation to three or four teams as the agencies develop Management Improvement Projects (MIP)-blueprints for action designed to make significant changes to each agency. Fellows are also given the opportunity to audit lectures by top Anderson professors, and are awarded stipends upon the successful completion of their Fellowship requirements.

The MDECE Fellowship requires mandatory participation in the following:

  • MDECE events and at least 18 hours of classroom sessions
  • Teach one or two 1-hour learning sessions
  • Conduct site visits to each assigned agency during the program
  • Provide consultation and feedback throughout the MIP process

Management Development for Early Childhood Educators