IS Doctoral Graduates

The UCLA Anderson School IS Ph.D. program, one of the first to be established by a major business school, had some 56 graduates, the first in 1971, the last in 2009.  Over almost four decades, these grads assumed academic positions in universities and colleges throughout the world, as well as non-academic research positions in both industry and government.  Many achieved leadership positions and made significant contributions to the field.   Here we feature short news items and basic contact information for our grads.  For further information on IS organizations/people around the world (including many of our IS alumni) see the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

If you are one of our alums and have a news item or update to share, please email us. Include your current professional position and affiliation plus your email and complete web page addresses (alumni news is updated once or twice annually).

See the UCLA Anderson Alumni website for further information regarding their activities and programs.

Information Systems Doctoral Program Alumni
Following are our Doctoral Program Alumni since 1970:

1986 Beath, Cynthia M. 1993 Lee, Bichin T.
1980 Bento, Alberto M. 1971 Leeburg, Lewis E.
1984 Bergeron, Francois 1977 Lemos, Ronald S.
1992 Bouchard, Lyne 1987 Li, Ying-Nan P.
1988 Chari, Srikanth 1998 Matute, Genaro
1991 Choudhury, Vivek 1999 Nakayama, Makoto
1987 Christensen, Gunnar E. 1991 Nidumolu, Sarma R.
1989 Chung, H. Michael 1989 Plain, Harold G.
1983 Chung, Ilchoo 2000 Poissonnet, Sandrine P.
1983 Cooper, Randolph B. 1981 Porter, Leslie R.
1980 Culnan, Mary J. 1996 Ramiller, Neil C.
2000 Dans, Enrique 1996 Roldan, Maria (Malu)
1983 DeLone, William H. 1984 Salaway, Gail
1993 El-Shinnawy, Maha 1995 Shabana, Ahmed A.
1978 Ewusi-Mensah, Kweku 1971 Siler, Kenneth F.
1985 Farn, Cheng-Kiang 1994 Soe, Louise L.
2003 Firth, David R. 1991 Soh, Christina (Wai Lin)
1980 Fischer, Kurt F. 1977 Spiegler, Israel
1992 Gebelt-Fuller, Mary K. 1997 Sutcliffe, Norma
1977 Gingras, Lin 1977 Tompkins, Gerry E.
2009 Gorgeon, Arnaud 2005 Wang, Ping
1975 Graydon, Donald M. 1987 Wang, Yu T.
1987 Harel, Elazar C. 1996 Ward, Sidne G.
1977 Hartman, Stephen K. 1976 Weiss, Ira R.
1999 Hirt, Sabine G. 1997 Westheider, Olaf
1987 Hsiao, Bryan C. 1993 White, Anita R.
1992 Huh, Soon-Young 1987 Wong, Gordon K.
1996 Joseph, Thomas 1988 Wu, Rebecca C.

1982 Kwan, Stephen K.

2006 Yamauchi, Yutaka

News from Our Alumni
Please submit your news items/upates to:

||||| Elazar Harel

After serving the University of California for more than 33 years, I have decided to retire effective April 2013. UC has been my home for most of my life, starting with grad school at UCLA where I earned my doctoral degree, continuing with 16 years as IT director at UCLA, 14 years as CIO at UCSD and, last but not least, 3 exciting years as Vice Chancellor and CIO at UCSF.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work at UCSF and hope that you have positively experienced how well-coordinated effective IT services can enhance your own work life. The best part of my tenure at UCSF has been the privilege of meeting and working with many of you, with a focus on fostering partnerships and encouraging collaborative teamwork. I believe that IT@UCSF is now in excellent shape and is well positioned to further improve services, open doors to new initiatives, and enhance productivity. We have accomplished a lot in the past three years. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the outstanding IT leaders across all of UCSF and the trust that you have bestowed on us to deliver on our promises. I am honored to have served this wonderful institution with you.

The campus leadership will soon discuss the next steps and I will do my best to assure a smooth transition as I move to the next phase of my life. What will this next phase be, you may ask... Well, I still don't know what I will do when I grow up and the blessing of being able to think about and explore new areas of interest is very exciting to me.

I wish you and yours all the best.

[Submitted 1/10/13]

||||| Ping Wang

Last summer, I completed my first sabbatical and became the director of PhD program at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies. I presented my new research at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston and ICIS in Orlando. More details are on my personal website:

It was very nice seeing many of you in Shanghai, Boston, and Orlando. Please stay well and keep in touch!

[Submitted 1/11/13]