Meet the GAP Students

GAP Student Profiles

35% of gap students born outside the u.s.

FEMBA GAP Class of 2016 Profile
Class Size 293
Average Age/Age Range 31/24-45 
Students Born Outside the U.S. 35%
Number of Birth Countries Represented 36
CPA/CFA 9/10
Patents 8


Academic Experience
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.40
Median GMAT 680
GMAT Range (Middle 80%) 640-740

3032 Students have completed a gap project


16 GAP alumni return to support current teams as gap fellows

Work Experience
Average Years of Work Experience 7
Years Range (Middle 80%) 3-11
Average Salary $86,000
Salary Range (Middle 80%) $53,000-$117,000
Number of Companies Represented 234

GAP Fellows. Passionately committed to your success. 

For some students, GAP is so profound that they are compelled to return after graduation as a fellow. GAP enlists the support of over a dozen volunteer alumni who are each assigned to work with 2-4 GAP teams to support the team in every phase of the study. In this way, best practices are transferred by the stakeholders who have experienced success first hand. GAP fellows apply and are chosen based on their experience and their success in GAP. In addition to offering general support, several fellows are finance and accounting experts and lend those skills to all GAP teams as needed.