Computational Genetics (224)


(Same as Bioinformatics M224 and Human Genetics CM224.) Lecture, four hours; discussion, two hours; outside study, six hours. Requisites: course 32 or Program in Computing 10C with grade of C- or better, and Biostatistics 100A or 110A or Mathematics 170A or Statistics 100A. Designed for engineering students as well as students from biological sciences and medical school. Introduction to computational analysis of genetic variation and computational interdisciplinary research in genetics. Topics include introduction to genetics, identification of genes involved in disease, inferring human population history, technologies for obtaining genetic information, and genetic sequencing. Focus on formulating interdisciplinary problems as computational problems and then solving those problems using computational techniques from statistics and computer science. Concurrently scheduled with course CM124. Letter grading. 

This course will be offered by the Computer Science Department. Quarter offered to be confirmed.