Easton Technology Leadership Program

Program Courses

The program will consist of a collection of courses. Each student in the program will take at least four of the classes listed below, including two classes that are required and two classes from among the electives listed for their track (move up or move out). All 4 of these classes will be taken for the elective options the F/E/MBA student has as part of his/her UCLA Anderson curriculum.

Required courses will be from the following list:

  1. Technology Management (241A) 
  2. Personal Development Oriented Course from list of electives

Electives may be selected from the list under the specific track (moving up or moving out):

Technology Leadership  (move up)
The Engineering/Technology Management Business Leader career path is for those with engineering or technology backgrounds interested in becoming managers and leaders (moving up) in diverse environments. In addition to understanding operations, strategy and technology, an engineer/technologist must also have the appropriate management and leadership skills to be able to transition from an engineering/technology role into a senior manager's role.

Technology Entreprenership (move out)
The Engineering/Technology Management Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur career path is for those with engineering or technology backgrounds interested in launching their own engineering or technology product or service (moving out). To succeed, such an entrepreneur needs to understand finance, operations, management and technology, but also needs to have the skills to start a venture, raise funds and lead the enterprise.

A Move-In track is also being added. To discuss, please e-mail one of the directors. 

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