Persuasive Communications Workshop 2.0

Visible Leadership®: Advanced Practices in Strategic Communication
Easton Technology Leadership Program

Leaders in technology and engineering need to do more than download information in presentations. They need to drive audience perception by articulating compelling arguments about how specific information impacts the process of decision-making. Whether you are "moving up" or "moving out" in your profession, shaping presentations that feature you as a compelling decision maker in your field will advance your professional objectives.

This interactive workshop will focus on 1 core practice in strategic communication:  Smart ArgumentTM

Smart ArgumentTM - Anyone can make a claim and present it on a slide. Turning those claims into precise solutions that build cooperative action is a leadership challenge. Smart ArgumentTM gives leaders strategies and tactics for identifying shared grounds, clarifying objectives, shaping proofs, and shifting the tenor of information driven presentations. Smart ArgumentTM can turn claim wars into collaborative result-driven brainstorms. Seminar Objectives:

  • To help engineers and technologists develop the communication skills of public advocates in order to compete in high stakes leadership arenas
  • To learn how to advance a point of view and incorporate opposing points of view
  • To develop fluency in persuasive argument technique

Note: In this Visible Leadership® workshop, we will be selecting specific leadership challenges submitted by ETLP participants to use as models for role-plays. For example: a job interview, a technical presentation, or pitching a new idea to a skeptical audience.  By selecting leadership challenges that you and your colleagues are currently engaging, the cases we work on will be fresh and dynamic for the group.

Please contact me if you are interested in submitting a leadership challenge for this workshop

Justine Lewis Ph.D. is the creator of Visible LeadershipTM executive coaching and training. Dr. Lewis is a Lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. She is a graduate of Harvard University (A.M.) and UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television (Ph.D.) Combining her 20 years in theater, storytelling and improvisation with the rigors of advocacy and media, she designed the Visible LeadershipTM process to give leaders the critical communication tools needed to advance personal and organizational goals. At Harvard, she taught at Harvard Law School, The American Repertory Theatre and The Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. As a young itinerant actor and musician, she travelled in Europe and the U.S. working with world renowned directors, theatre companies and the Cigány or Roma -the root source of StoryBanking®.