Persuasive Communications Skill-building Workshop


This interactive seminar presented techniques that help leaders in technology and engineering hone and strengthen their strategic communication skills. The seminar focused on 3 core areas in communication: articulating your message as a leader, designing compelling pitches, and understanding what motivates different audiences to engage with you and your ideas.

Clarity of message is essential when a leader seeks to persuade a target audience to act. A successful pitch or conversation is grounded in a design that invigorates listeners and avoids data dumping. To understand an audience, leaders need fluency in articulating shared values as well as a sensitivity to different styles of communication.

In this Visible Leadership® seminar, we selected specific leadership challenges submitted by ETLP participants to use as models for role-plays. For example: a job interview scenario, leading a tough project scenario, advancing your personal brand scenario, or presenting a new idea to upper management scenario. By selecting leadership challenges that you and your colleagues are currently engaging, the cases we work on will be fresh and dynamic for the group.

Dr. Justine Lewis  taught this workshop.

This interactive workshop focused on using persuasion for communicating and used role playing.