Transitioning from Technologist to Leader

Abstract: This interactive seminar will present techniques that strengthen strategic communication skills for leaders in technology and engineering.  The seminar focuses on 3 core areas in communication: articulating your message, designing a compelling pitch, and understanding what motivates different audience to engage with you and your ideas.

Clarity of message is essential when a leader seeks to persuade a target audience to act.  A successful pitch or conversation is grounded in a design that invigorates listeners and avoids data dumping. To understand an audience, leaders need fluency in articulating shared values as well as a sensitivity to different styles of communication

In this Visible Leadership seminar, we use Live Cases based on specific leadership challenges submitted by Easton participants.  Scenarios for Live Cases might include: a job interview, leading a tough project team, advancing your personal brand, or presenting a new ides to upper management.  The Live Cases will be used to create role-pays that introduce the design and delivery techniques above: message, pitch, and audience profiling. 

From Students who have attended this Easton workshop before:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and believe there were numerous positive take-aways from the workshop.  Specifically, I was reading an article the day after that class and immediately found myself applying some of the persuasive framework analysis that Prof. Lewis outlined. 
  • The content is very personal. All 3 challenges were coming from the students. So it makes the material practical and real-life like. 

Justine Lewis Ph.D. is the creator of Visible LeadershipTM executive coaching and training. Dr. Lewis is a Lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. She is a graduate of Harvard University (A.M.) and UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television (Ph.D.) Combining her 20 years in theater, storytelling and improvisation with the rigors of advocacy and media, she designed the Visible LeadershipTM process to give leaders the critical communication tools needed to advance personal and organizational goals. At Harvard, she taught at Harvard Law School, The American Repertory Theatre and The Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. As a young itinerant actor and musician, she traveled in Europe and the U.S. working with world renowned directors, theatre companies and the Cigány or Roma -the root source of StoryBanking®.