Manex Consulting and UCLA Anderson's Easton Technology Leadership Program offer courses to Manufacturers in Northern California

These are half day courses geared toward manufacturing executives and are/will be taught by UCLA professors along with Manex's subject matter experts who will bring their industry experiences into the classroom.

Who Should Attend:

  • Manufacturers, distributors and their supply chains:
  • CEOs, Presidents, Owners, Principals
  • COOs, CFOs
  • General Managers
  • Vice Presidents, Directors of Operations

The following courses are available:

  • Green Supply Chains: Drivers of Operational Excellence (Course Description: Companies around the world are increasingly becoming involved in green supply chains. In some cases, companies are proactively encouraging better environmental practices among their supply chain partners; in other cases, companies are experiencing pressure from customers or regulators to adopt better practices. In this course, we will review examples of how supply chains in a wide range of industrial sectors are becoming greener. We will see how greener supply chains are often also more profitable, even if the economic benefits of greening a supply chain can be difficult to predict in advance.)
  • Performance and Scorecards: Tying Measurement to Action (taught on Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 8:30-1:30am in San Jose, CA. (Course Description: The premise for this course is that you cannot manage what you do not measure. Secondly, financial measures alone are not enough. Finally, any measurement obtained must be actionable. This course will address the measurement of performance at the level of the entire firm as well as the "shop floor." We will start with expanding purely financial measures to direct measurement of performance and will discuss which measures work for which companies. We will also address the question of how to tie those measures to processes, operations, and jobs. Industry experts will also present examples of how that gets done in practice.)
  • Green and Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Financial Performance and Operations Excellence
  • Quality Management and Six Sigma

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