Leadership Style Series 2014 - Alan Saporta

"The Transformational Journey of Agile"

Alan Saporta, VP Software for Disney 

This talk will cover the principles and benefits of Agile as a software development methodology as well as the challenges a team encounters when shifting to that approach. We will not delve deeply into Agile techniques specifically but rather discuss the underlying philosophy of the approach, the business value it offers and share insights into how to get a team to achieve agility.  

Alan Saporta is a 20 year veteran of the software industry having held technology leadership positions at IBM, Charles Schwab, Deluxe Entertainment and currently is VP of Software Engineering at Walt Disney Studios. He's also been Agile practitioner since 2007. Alan has a deep passion for 3 things: 1. delivering great software that delights customers; 2. mentoring; 3. chocolate. Alan also authors a blog "OnMentoring" (http://onmentoring.info), which seeks to inspire people both to become mentors and to find mentors for their own career and personal growth.