Leadership Style Series 2013 - Brendon Cassidy

Brendon Cassidy, Managing Partner at Wilshire Axon

Brendon Cassidy is currently the Managing Partner at Wilshire Axon, a digital produce design firm. Over the past six years alone, Wilshire Axon has helped clients realize over $1.5 billion of new revenue from digital products created by Wilshire's Digital Blueprint. Before co-founding Wilshire Axon, Cassidy was CTO at Virgin Ditial, the global digital platform for Virgin's Entertainment Group. For over seven years, he working on creating cutting-edge consumer digital products and consulting with Virgin companies around the globe on digital strategy. He has also worked as the Director of Technology at Universal Music, working on the company's Internet music venture, and also as a Technical Producer for Disney Online during their explosive growth in the early days of the Internet.

About Wilshire Axon

Wilshire Axon is a digital product and design firm, exclusively dedicated to helping clients win in our rapidly changing world. The company's Digital Blueprint is based on 13 years of research into digital product planning and design.