First Mover Advantange in Tech 2014

Is There a First Mover Advantage in Technology? 

This workshop is meant to explore the concept of whether being the first to market with a new technology product is a successful strategy. After a class exercise to test student's understanding of past high technology products and services, the presentation will focus on the benefits and limitations of being the first. Several examples will be presented and discussed.

Bob Foster

This workshop will be led by UCLA Anderson Professor Bob Foster. He created Anderson's High Technology Management course, teaching it to over 1,000 students during the past 18 years. He also taught Business Plan Development for 10 years and a field study advisor for over 120 teams. He has been the Director of the Global Access Program (GAP) for the past 11 years, the international field study and MBA thesis requirement for Anderson's Fully-Employed MBA students. The Fully Employed MBA classes of 2003 and 2005 voted him their most outstanding professor during their three year program.