Easton Technology Leadership Program

External Programs

Part of the outreach mission of ETLP is undertaken through external education programs. ETLP is working to develop programs addressing manufacturing management and technology management, for local, national and international audiences.    

Locally, we have collaborated on one program with Manex a non-profit consulting firm located in San Ramon CA. Manex is affiliated with the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US Department of Commerce. This program was presented to senior managers of small manufacturing companies in the Bay area.   

We have also developed and presented programs for international visitors. These are five to ten day programs addressing topics in technology management, entrepreneurship, and globalization, for groups of managers from abroad who are interested in those topics. These groups often have a special interest in Los Angeles and the US West Coast, because of the concentration of high technology firms and global businesses. Many of the visiting groups are also from academic institutions with whom we have research ties and ongoing research projects.  

International Visitors

ETLP hosted a group of senior managers from the Executive MBA program of Korea University Business School (Seoul, Korea) in June 2013. Prof. Hosun Rhim from KUBS accompanied the group.  A group from the Global Executive MBA program of SDA Bocconi (Milano, Italy) also visited at the same time, and the two groups mingled at a joint welcome reception. Profs. Maurizio Poli and Thanos Papadimitriou accompanied the SDA Bocconi visitors. In October 2013, ETLP presented a program for a group of senior managers from the Advanced Management Program of GSM in Bangalore. Prof. S. Krishna was here with this group.

In January 2014, managers from the Global MBA program at Korea University Business School, were here for an eight day program with their faculty director, Prof. Hong Se-joon.

Both the KUBS programs (EMBA and GMBA) as the SDA Bocconi GMBA group have been regular visitors for several years. As it happens, both institutions (KUBS and SDA) are partners in the UCLA BIT global research project since 2003. The GSM group visited UCLA for the first time. Easton had previously hosted groups from the GDW Foundation in Bangalore for several years.  Prof. Krishna was a co-director of that program with Prof. Kuldeep Kumar of City University (Hong Kong).  

Program Content

The educational programs developed by ETLP align with the Easton mission focus on manufacturing management and technology management. These topics often involve issues of entrepreneurship and global competitiveness. In the past, ETLP has collaborated with the CIBER program and the Price Center for Entrepreneurship in organizing some programs.   

In addition to the topics of technology and entrepreneurship, ETLP programs also address topics related to leadership, change management, and international management. In addition to ETLP faculty, instructors in these programs include leading faculty from other areas in the Anderson School, depending on the topics being covered. Most programs include visits to local companies. A frequent partner for these visits is RKS Studios in Thousand Oaks, a nationally recognized design studio which has won many awards. Some programs also include panel discussions. Recent panels have addressed venture capital, and entrepreneurship, sharing the experiences of VC's and entrepreneurs.