Faculty Advisory Board


REZA AHMADI is a professor in the Decisions, Operations and Technology Management area. Ahmadi’s areas of interest include technology management, operations management, software pricing, product development, just-in-time manufacturing and electronics.

FELIPE CARO is an associate professor in the Decisions Operations and Technology Management area. Caro became a Franz Edelman Laureate in 2009 through his ongoing collaboration in retail technology and using optimization models in retailing.

ROBERT FOSTER is an adjunct professor in the Decisions, Operations and Technology Management area and Director of the Global Access Program, the international field-study and MBA-thesis requirement for Anderson FEMBA students. Foster is also a member of the Tech Coast Angels.

UDAY KARMARKAR is the founder and director of Business and Information Technology Global Network. Karmarkar is also a chaired Professor in the area of information-intensive industries, competitive analysis, intelligent management systems and operations, and technology strategy for manufacturing and service firms.

MARVIN LIEBERMAN is a professor in the Policy area. His current research focuses on biotechnology and technology strategy from the standpoint of new startups. Some of his broader teaching and research interests are in the areas of competitive strategy, industrial economics and operations management.

WILLIAM OUCHI is the Sanford and Betty Sigoloff Distinguished Professor in Corporate Renewal and area chair for HROB. Ouchi is instrumental in bringing technology commercialization to UCLA and is a lead developer of the entrepreneurial ecosystem at UCLA.

RAKESH SARIN is the Paine Chair in Management and the Chair of the Decisions, Operations and Technology Management area. As a faculty member for more than 25 years, Sarin has developed models that have found applications in project evaluation, new product development decisions and analyzing risks to human health and the environment.

E. BURTON SWANSON is a professor and Area Chair for Information Systems. He is also director of the Information Systems Research Program. Swanson began his academic career at UCLA in 1974. Earlier, he worked with IBM, primarily in application system development.