Balwinder Samra

Balwinder Samra is CEO and President of Balqon Corporation. The Company designs and manufactures electric vehicles for industrial and commercial applications worldwide.

Born in 1962, Mr. Samra a native of Northern India completed his education in Chemical Engineering and since moved to California to pursue business ventures in Environmental technologies. Early in his career he worked in the electronics industry and by 1987 he was the General Manager of $ 40 million revenue subsidiary of fortune 500 company Flextronics. During his tenure at Flextronics he was instrumental in establishing manufacturing plants for the company in Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

In 1991, Mr. Samra joined Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing as Vice President of Operations and helped turn around the company by introducing new products and increasing global sales, which had the company nominated for Export Excellence award in 1994 by Department of Commerce.

In late 2005, Mr. Samra founded Balqon Corporation to address the need of off-highway electric vehicles for industrial and transportation market segments. During 2006, a team of Balqon design engineers designed an electric terminal tractor to transport goods containers at ports and large industrial warehouses. Since the completion of the designs in 2008, AQMD and Los Angeles Port Authority have funded the manufacturing of an additional 26 vehicles to reduce pollution in Los Angeles basin area.

In addition to his passion for electric vehicles, Mr. Samra has mentored numerous small to medium size US manufacturers in international trade by promoting their products at trade events and introducing them to key decision makers in their respective industries.