Easton Technology Leadership Program

Faculty Advisory Board


Felipe Caro

Reza Ahmadi is a Professor in the DOTM area at UCLA Anderson. Prof Ahmadi's areas of interest include operations management, technology management, product development, supply chain management, just-in-time manufacturing and electronics.


Felipe Caro is an Assistant Professor in the DOTM area at UCLA Anderson. Prof Caro became a Franz Edelman Laureate in 2009 through his ongoing collaboration with the Spanish apparel retailer Zara, continuing from his PhD dissertation at MIT with fast-fashion retailers.


Robert Foster

Robert Foster is an Adjunct Professor in the DOTM area at UCLA Anderson and Director of the Global Access Program (GAP). Prof Foster is the Director of the Global Access Program (GAP), the international field study and MBA thesis requirement for Anderson FEMBA students and has worked as Vice President at Xerox.


Uday Karmarkar is the founder and Director of UCLA Anderson's Business and Information Technologies Project (BIT), which studies the impact of new online information and communication technologies on business practices worldwide. Dr. Karmarkar studies information-intensive industries, competitive analysis, intelligent management systems and operations and technology strategy for manufacturing and service firms. He has published over 70 articles and research papers. In addition, he was a founding editor of two operations and technology journals and an associate editor or advisory editor of several others.


Marvin Lieberman William Ouchi

Marvin Lieberman is a Professor in the Policy area at UCLA Anderson. Prof Lieberman is an associate editor of the Strategic Management Journal and Management Science and received his PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University.




William Ouchi is the Sanford and Betty Sigoloff Distinguished Professor in Corporate Renewal and area chair for HROB at UCLA Anderson. Prof Ouchi is the author of several books including The Secret of TSL, Making Schools Work: A Revolutionary Plan to get your Children the Education they Need and, the New York Times Bestseller Theory Z: How American Management can meet the Japanese Challenge.


Rakesh Sarin
Rakesh Sarin is the Paine Chair in Management at UCLA Anderson and the Chair of the DOTM area. As a faculty member for over 25 years, Prof Sarin has developed models that have found applications in project evaluation, new product development decisions, and analyzing risks to human health and the environment. His research interests include decision analysis, risk analysis and behavioral decision-making.

E. Burton Swanson is a Professor and Area Chair for Information Systems at the UCLA Anderson School. He is also Director of the Information Systems Research Program. Professor Swanson began his academic career at UCLA in 1974. Earlier he worked with IBM, primarily in application system development.


Peter Pao

Peter Pao recently retired from Raytheon Corporation where he served as corporate vice president and chief technology officer, where he led efforts to drive growth through technology investment. In addition to his position on the faculty at UCLA Anderson, Dr. Pao also teaches at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.