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  • 1Company Requirements
    • We ask that participating companies have at least 6 employees and two managers (not including board members), have an operating history of at least one year, and have full funding in place to cover the period of the study. We also ask that management and decision-makers have sufficient time during the study period (September-March or January-June) to work with the team. 

      Company Selection Criteria

      At least one dedicated project manager who will work with the team approximately 1-2 hours per week.

      An alternate liaison in case the primary liaison becomes unavailable during the course of the project.

      Top management participation in the Company Launch and Final Presentations.

      Full access to relevant strategic and financial data, which will be protected under the confidentiality agreement.

      Participation Fees

      Large companies or international projects - $15,000 (includes $5,000 research budget for the team)

      Small and medium enterprises (SME) - $10,000 (includes $ 2,500 research budget for the team)

      Non-profits - $7,500 (includes $ 2,500 research budget for the team)

      Additional fees may be incurred for incidental project-related expenses and travel.

      Additional research funding for global pro-social projects may be available through the UCLA Anderson Center for Global Management.

  • 2Program Schedule
    • Fall/Winter: October 2014 to March 2015

      May 23, 2014 Student Teams Formed
      August 1, 2014: Company Application Deadline
      August 2-15, 2014: Student Teams Bid on Projects
      September 5, 2014: Faculty Committee Assigns Teams to Companies

      Course Dates

      October 8 & 15, 2014: Student Launch
      October 17, 2014: Company Launch (MANDATORY COMPANY EVENT)
      January 9, 2015: Midpoint Presentations
      February 27, 2015: Presentation Rehearsals
      March 13, 2015: Final Presentations (MANDATORY COMPANY EVENT)
      Winter/Spring: January 2015 to June 2015

      Course Dates

      January 16, 2015: Student Launch
      January 23, 2015: Company Launch (MANDATORY COMPANY EVENT)
      April 3, 2015: Midpoint Presentations
      May 15, 2015: Presentation Rehearsals
      June 5, 2015: Final Presentations (MANDATORY COMPANY EVENT)
  • 3Application

    • If you are interested in submitting your organization as a potential partner, with an idea for one or several projects, please complete the application so that we can learn more about you. We will contact you promptly to discuss your submission further. You may also contact the AMR staff directly with any questions you may have.

      Application Deadlines:

      • August 1 (for projects beginning in October 2013)
      • November 1 (for projects beginning in January 2014)