Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

1. Where do I turn in my application? When is it due?

  •  The Accounting Minor application is now online. The submission period typically begins on Monday of first week at 8:00 AM and ends on the Friday of first week at 12:00AM (midnight). For more information, please visit the Admissions page. 

2. When will I find out if I got into the Minor?

  • We will notify applicants by 5th week in the quarter that you applied. 

3. Is there a maximum number of units I can have when I apply for the Minor?

  • Currently, there is no unit maximum when applying to the Minor.  

4. Will AP credits count towards the prerequisites?

  • If UCLA accepts the AP credits, we will also accept them. However, AP credits are not included in the prerequisite GPA and UCLA overall GPA calculation.