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Applications for AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs)
The Health Care Executive Program will be offered from July 13 - 23, 2015. Deadline to apply is April 30, 2015.
To download an ASO WORD application, please CLICK HERE. ASOs may also APPLY ONLINE by CLICKING HERE

Please mark your calendars to participate in our informational calls for prospective ASO applicants, conducted by Kandy Ferree, Johnson & Johnson Consultant for Chronic Conditions & HIV/AIDS Portfolios . 

The calls are confirmed for Tuesday April 14th and Tuesday April 21st both at 3PM EDT
To participate, please call using our Toll Free Access Number: (888) 921-8686 and enter Conference ID: 103-120-2419 when prompted.

Program Overview
The UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program (HCEP) is a management and leadership development program for executive directors and leaders of Community Health Centers (CHCs) and AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs).  In 2015, the HCEP is seeking those ASO leaders whose organizations were founded with an AIDS-specific identity but that are undergoing critical transformation of their identity and business models in light of rapid and substantial changes in healthcare policy, payer systems and service delivery models.  

The HCEP is especially designed and valuable for CHCs and ASOs that need to prepare for and adapt to the vast changes taking place in health policy, financing and service delivery. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) require that community health centers and AIDS service organizations enhance the efficiency and scope of their service delivery models, consider building alliances and partnerships, provide for expanded patient access, position themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace, enhance the patient experience, improve health outcomes, and develop and utilize effective health information systems. These and other competencies relevant to health care reform and AIDS service delivery are the focus of the Health Care Executive Program.

An important element of the Program is the in-person involvement of the organization's Board or Community Coalition Chair (or equivalent) during the last 2-1/2 days of the program as a "Co-Participant."  And, a unique outcome of the program is that each participant leaves HCEP with a fully articulated Community Health Improvement Project (CHIP). 

AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) Applicant Recruitment 

The HCEP program has been transformational for many ASO Executive Directors and their organizations.  Click Here to Download an ASO Alumni List. Johnson & Johnson will support up to 12 AIDS Service Organizations to attend the Healthcare Executive Program.  This is a major, and unprecedented, philosophical and financial commitment to leadership development in the AIDS sector.  You/Your Organization should consider applying to HCEP if:

  • You recognize the unprecedented paradigm shifts that are being presented by changes in health policy, financing and service delivery
  • You have been in an Executive Director or Senior Leadership role for at least 2 years
  • Your organization is poised and ready for transformation
  • You see the value in leadership and management skills training to help you navigate the changes ahead
  • You are committed to making the changes necessary to ensure that your clients get the services they need
  • You are open minded and eager to be exposed to new concepts, strategies, and methodologies
  • You can give your undivided attention the full HCEP program
  • You are  ready to be counted among the "transformational" leaders of the AIDS movement

Opportunity for ASOs and Community Health Center (CHC) Collaborations
Johnson & Johnson recognizes that ASOs are faced with unprecedented paradigm shifts regarding how HIV/AIDS services will be financed through the Affordable Care Act and Ryan White Care Act.  CHCs have the opportunity to partner with ASOs to learn about patient navigation and care coordination from the very providers that developed these systems over the past 30 years.  Many HCEP Alumni from both ASOs and CHCs have worked together to strengthen the service systems in their communities.  

Therefore, among the 12 total slots available, J&J is offering the opportunity and will support up to 3 Formal ASO-CHC Collaborations. You may apply to attend the program as a ASO-CHC collaborative, consisting of the CEO, COO, CFO, Executive Director or comparable officials in each of the organizations (ASO & CHC). BOTH individuals must commit to the full 11 day program and each must complete the application (Note: CHC applicant must complete a seperate application. They can access the CHC online application by visiting CLICKING HERE. ASO applicants should fill out a seperate application, which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. 

Each collaborator (ASO & CHC) must apply seperately. However, the applications should be complementary.  The team should notify J&J's HCEP Consultant Kandy Ferree at 360 Strategy Group by email at about your intention to apply as a collaborative and to learn more about the application process for this option. 

The collaborators should conceive of a joint Community Health Improvement Project (CHIP) and/or use the CHIP process to lead their respective organization through the necessary changes to make a separate, but complementary CHIP possible.

J&J will support all costs (including the registration fee and travel) of HCEP participation (ASOs & CHCs) for those selected to be among the Formal ASO-CHC collaborations in the program. This is also true for ASOs applying as single agencies.

For more information on the ASO opportunities, please contact Kandy Ferree at or reach Kandy at 202-256-2107.