Fellowship Support

To be the best business school, we must attract and enroll the best students. UCLA Anderson competes with leading business schools for the most ambitious, driven and gifted applicants. Fellowship support, among other forms of financial aid, is often the deciding factor in a student's final selection process. Donor support — and support of our fellowships — enables us to fill our halls with MBA candidates who raise the educational experience, and helps to strengthen Anderson’s position among the top business schools.  

We invite you to learn more about the donors and recipients who have made a great difference to us, and to see how you can give a deserving student the Anderson experience and a path to leadership.

Graduate Scholars Match


Chancellor Gene Block expands the UCLA Chancellor’s Centennial Scholars Match to include graduate fellowships.

Students are the essence of UCLA Anderson and at the heart of the university's mission. Providing financial support to high-achieving students — most of whom are offered financial packages by other top universities — is one way UCLA Anderson attracts and maintains a student population marked by excellence, leadership potential, and a pioneering spirit. That's why raising money for scholarships is a top priority during the Centennial Campaign.

It's also why UCLA Chancellor Gene Block is dedicating resources to inspire others to give by launching the UCLA Chancellor's Centennial Scholars Match, aimed at adding $150 million to endowed scholarship support during the campaign.

graduate scholars match
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The Cockrum Fellowship


Supporting financial aid, encouraging giving back, and honoring Bill Cockrum’s 33+ years of dedication to students.

Professor Bill Cockrum is dedicated to making an impact at UCLA Anderson by generously supporting fellowships, serving on advisory boards, donating his time to students and building an enduring culture of philanthropy. Bill has stepped up to support UCLA Anderson again and again. His fellowship will help students defray the cost of tuition while setting an example to a new generation of students.

To the 7,000+ alumni and students who have personally benefited from Professor Cockrum’s mentorship and wisdom, please consider a meaningful gift to support the next generation of exceptional leaders from UCLA Anderson.

Bill Cockrum
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Deserving Students


Support Anderson leaders — students who will change business models, policy and will change many of our lives through their work. Here are a few of the inspiring fellowship recipients who are set to create great impact:

The 2016 John Wooden Global Leadership Fellows

Gratitude from Parsky Family Fellowship Recipient, Sugam Arora ('17)

The 2015 John Wooden Global Leadership Fellows

Gratitude to the C.V. Starr Foundation from Miriam Feygenson ('18')

The Rewards of Donorship


We celebrate our donors through private events and by providing access to many of UCLA Anderson’s world class resources. Events such as our annual Fellowship Reception provide a chance to connect donors and fellows, and celebrate the supportive UCLA Anderson network. See the photos from this year’s reception, at the Petersen Auto Museum, celebrating the Bugatti collection of donor Peter Mullin.

Giving Campaign

Named Fellowships

  • Lonnie & Muhammad Ali Student Fellowship
  • Allstate Dissertation Fellowship in Insurance
  • Anderson African American Alumni Association/
  • Alfred E. Osborne Jr. Fellowship
  • Anderson Alumni Fellowship Fund
  • Anderson Latino Management Association Fellowship Fund (ALMA)
  • Anderson Student Asset Management Fund
  • Anderson School Student Investment Fund
  • Anderson School Student Support
  • Anderson Undergraduate Accounting
  • Gloria Appel Prize
  • Richard A. Bacas Graduate Student Fellowship
  • Beall Family Foundation Fellowship
  • Richard Beleson Fellowship in Honor of Sunny Ommanney
  • Benson Family Fellowship
  • Jacob Blatt Fellowship
  • Boeing Company Fellowship
  • Greg Bolin Student Fellowship
  • Robert Broyles Estate Fellowship
  • Alan B. Buckelew Fellowship Fund
  • Business Student Aid Foundation Fellowship
  • The Class of 1977 Student Fellowships
  • John C. Clendenin Fellowship in Finance
  • James Cole, Jr. Memorial Fellowship
  • Collins Family Fellowship
  • Mary and Charles C. Cooper Scholarship
  • Duncan Forsyth Craib Memorial Fellowship
  • CREW-LA/Chris Adams Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • M.J. Dahlem Fellowship
  • Charles E. Davidson Fellowship
  • Michael P. De Paola Fellowship
  • Deutschman Family Venture Fellowship
  • Mike Duffy '97 Memorial Fellowship
  • Craig Ehrlich Fellowship
  • EMBA/FEMBA Directors Scholarship Fund
  • Escalante & McKenna Fellowship
  • Exceptional Finance Research Award
  • James D. Farley, Jr. Student Fellowship
  • The Jack & Arlyn Farrell Student Fellowship
  • Allison Fisher Memorial Fellowship
  • Henry Ford II Fellowship
  • Freeberg Scholars Fellowship
  • Beth C. & Joshua S. Friedman Fellowship
  • Gay and Lesbian Business Alumni and
  • G.E. Foundation Fellowship
  • Goldman Sachs Minority Fellowship
  • Friends Fellowship
  • Paul E. Griffin, Jr. UCLA Ziman Center Fellowship
  • Kip and Mary Ann Hagopian Fellowship
  • Heiko Haskamp Memorial Fellowship Fund
  • Isias W. Hellman Fellowship
  • The Jeff Henley Fellowship
  • Honeywell Fellowship
  • IBM Fellowship
  • Harumi Ikezaki Student Fellowship
  • Industrial Indemnity Fellowship
  • Israel Fellowship Fund
  • Jansen Family Fellowship
  • Mary Ellen & Chris M. Kanoff Fellowship
  • Ravi Kapur Memorial Fellowship
  • Bruce Karatz Fellowship
  • Karen and Dennis Keegan Fellowship
  • Kennedy Family Fellowship
  • Kovler Family Fellowship
  • Kent Kresa Fund for Student Fellowships
  • and Faculty Support
  • Lear Sigler Fellowship
  • Murray Lesch Memorial Fund
  • Louis and Thelma Lippman Doctoral Fellowship
  • John S. Long Case Fellowship
  • Betsy McLaughlin Endowed Fellowship
  • Hannah and Thormund Miller Scholar
  • Eric Mokover Fellowship Fund
  • Michelle A. Morgan Memorial Fellowship
  • Peter Mullin Fellowship
  • Caroline and Richard Nahas Fellowship
  • Lenore and Murray Neidorf Fellowship
  • James B. Nelson Estate Fellowship
  • The Nestle - John Harris Student Fellowship
  • George and Kimiko Nozawa Fellowship
  • Peter Odebjer Memorial Fund
  • The Steve O'Leary Student Fellowship
  • Alfred E. Osborne, Jr. Fellowship
  • Parsky Family Fellowship
  • Payden & Rygel Fellowship
  • L.H. Penney Fellowship
  • Perelson Israel Fellowship
  • Peterson Venture Fellowship Endowment
  • Alison Pincus Fellowship
  • Ruth C. Plough Estate - Anderson - Accounting
  • Ruth C. Plough Estate - Anderson Business Education
  • Posnick Family Fellowship
  • Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Fellowship
  • Kathy Radner Memorial Fellowship
  • Richard Reisman Fellowship
  • Barry Richman Memorial Fellowship
  • The Riordan Fellows Legacy Scholarship Fund
  • Robert A. Rogers Accounting Fellowship
  • Gene and Maxine Rosenfeld Fellowship
  • Stacey A. Salomon Memorial Fund
  • Edward Sedgewick III Memorial Award
  • Edward L. Shapiro Fellowship
  • Herbert Seigel Memorial Fellowship
  • Betty and Sanford C. Sigoloff Fellowship
  • Philip Smith Memorial Fellowship
  • Robert W. Sorge Doctoral Fellowship in Finance
  • C.V. Starr Fellowship
  • Bill Stein Memorial Fund
  • Tang Family Fellowship
  • Telcor, Mayer & Greenberg Fellowship
  • Joe and Cara Thome Student Fellowship
  • Edith and John Titley Scholarship
  • Toyota Fellowship
  • Tracy Family Real Estate Fellowship
  • David Vickter Foundation Fellowship
  • Wainer/Wyle Laboratories Fellowship
  • David J. Wang Fellowship Endowment
  • David Li-Tak Wang Fellowship
  • Patrick J. Welsh Entrepreneurial Education Fellowship
  • Irving R. Weschler Memorial Fellowship
  • J. Fred Weston Doctoral Fellowship
  • G.R. Williams Gift Annuity
  • Bruce G. Willison Student & Faculty Fellowship Endowment
  • Kimberley R. Wilson Memorial Fellowship
  • Windreich Family Fellowship
  • Larry Wolfen Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
  • Women in Business Fellowship in Memory of Rita Korney
  • John Wooden Global Leadership Award
  • Young Presidents Organization, South Bay Chapter Fellowship
  • Daniel M. Zucker Memorial Fund
  • The Helen and Charles Ziman Fellowships