Faculty Support

Endowed Chairs

UCLA Anderson Endowed Chair Name Chair Holder
Allstate Chair in Insurance and Finance Francis Longstaff
Arden Realty Chair in the Ziman Real Estate Center Stuart Gabriel
Bing ('86) and Alice Liu Yang Endowed Term Chair in Teaching Excellence Vacant
Bing ('86) and Alice Liu Yang Endowed Term Chair in Management Vacant
Bud Knapp Marketing Professorship Vacant
Chauncey J. Medberry Chair in Management Edward E. Leamer
Donnalisa '86 and Bill Barnum Endowed Term Chair in Management Vacant
Edward W. Carter Chair in Business Administration Christopher S. Tang
Ernst and Young Chair in Accounting John Hughes
George Robbins Chair in Management Steven A. Lippman
Goldyne & Irwin Hearsh Chair in Money & Banking A. Subrahmanyam
Hans Hufschmid Chair in Management Romain Wacziarg
Harold Williams Chair in Management Craig Fox
Harry and Elsa Kunin Chair in Business and Society Vacant
Henry Ford II Chair in International Management Sebastian Edwards
Ho-Su Wu Chair in Management Kumar Rajaram
Howard Noble Chair in Management Vacant
IBM Chair in Management Charles Corbett
James A. Collins Chair in Management Peter E. Rossi
J. Clayburn La Force Chair in Management Vacant
J. Fred Weston Chair in Finance Ivo Welch
Joel Fried Chair in Applied Finance Vacant
John E. Anderson Chair in Management Judy Olian
Joseph Jacobs Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies Vacant
Justice Elwood Lui Chair Endowed Term Chair in Management Vacant
Laurence D. and Lori W. Fink Endowed Chair in Finance Andrea Eisfeldt
Lee and Seymour Graff Endowed Professorship Vacant
Marion Anderson Chair in Management Vacant
Neil Jacoby Chair in Management Vacant
Paine Chair in Management Rakesh K. Sarin
Peter W. Mullin Chair in Management Randolph Bucklin
Robert D. Beyer '83 Term Chair in Management Mark Garmaise
Sanford & Betty Sigoloff Chair Corporate Renewal Vacant
The California Chair in Real Estate & Land Economics Vacant
The Japan Alumni Chair in International Finance Mark S. Grinblatt
The Los Angeles Times Professor of Management and Policy Uday S. Karmarkar
UCLA Anderson Board of Advisors Term Chair in Management Margaret Shih
UCLA Anderson Dean's Term Chair in Management Danny Oppenheimer
UCLA Anderson Faculty Term Chair in Management Vacant
Warren C. Cordner Chair in Money & Financial Market Vacant
William M. Cockrum III Presidential Term Chair in Entrepreneurship Vacant
William M. Cockrum Professorship in Entrepreneurial Finance Vacant
William E. Leonhard Chair in Management Vacant