Competition Categories




- The following categories are limited to a maximum of five (5) elements:

Beat Reporting, Breaking News, Commentary, Explanatory, Feature, Images/Graphics/Interactives, International, Investigative, Local and Personal Finance

- The following categories are limited to a maximum of three (3) elements and must include transcripts: Audio and Video


Category Descriptions



Exemplary spoken-word coverage (including podcasts), story-telling or expository journalism on a contemporary business, financial or economic subject. Note: Submissions may consist of one full-length program or one package of up to three (3) discrete segments. Transcripts must be included with the submission.

Beat Reporting

Exemplary coverage of a business, financial or economic beat.

Breaking News

Exemplary coverage of a competitive business, financial or economic news story within seven days of an event, with special attention paid to the first 24 hours. Note: Accompanying a submission, in the Breaking News category, should be a cover letter that showcases the dominance of covering/breaking the story or stories.


Including business, financial or economic editorials, columns, syndicated columns, blogs, on-air or video commentary or analysis.


Exemplary in-depth analysis and clear presentation of a complex business, financial or economic subject.


Pieces in any medium that explain or enlighten business topics with exemplary craft and style.

Graphics &

This category recognizes the exemplary use of images, graphics, and interactives (still photography, video, charts, data visualizations, graphics, illustrations, news apps) to tell stories. These visual elements should be essential to the reporting in order to explain, enlighten or educate the reader/viewer/user about contemporary business, financial or economic topics. The images, graphics, or interactives, and any accompanying text, voice track or sound, can appear in any media.


Covering international business, financial or economic stories. Must be English language and published in the US.


For a business, financial or economic story or group of up to five (5) stories in any medium or in a combination of media. Factors the judges will consider include originality, creativity and persistence in gleaning information, storytelling power and impact.


This category recognizes excellence in the coverage of a business, financial or economic story centered in a particular geographic area and offered primarily to consumers in that area. Pieces would be from a local newspaper, magazine, television, radio station or website.

Personal Finance

Excellence in business, financial or economic journalism that informs and protects the individual investor and consumer. Eligible entrants include journalists and also experts who are determined not to have conflicts of interest or personal agendas related to the submitted material.


Exemplary coverage, story-telling and presentation in video (delivered in any form - including mobile and social) of a business, financial or economic story. Note: Submissions may consist of one full-length program or film, or one package of up to three (3) discrete segments. Transcripts must be included with the submission.


2017 Award Winners


"Dov Charney's American Dream"

by Lisa Chow, Kaitlin Roberts, Molly Messick, Bruce Wallace, Luke Malone, and Simone Polanen, Gimlet Media

Beat Reporting

"Big Money, Unlikely Donors"

by David Zahniser, Emily Alpert Reyes, Joe Fox, and Len De Groot, Los Angeles Times

Breaking News

"Saudi Aramco: The World's Most Valuable IPO"

by Zanny Minton Beddoes, Henry Tricks, Anton La Guardia, Chris Lockwood, and Edward McBride, The Economist


"Creative Destruction: The Schumpeter Column"

by Adrian Wooldridge, The Economist


"Superbug Spreaders"

by Natalie Obiko Pearson, Sharang Limaye, Jason Gale, Lydia Mulvany, Monte Reel, Stephanie Baker, Wenxin Fan, and Adi Narayan, Bloomberg News


"Hot Mess: How Goldman Lost Libya's Money"

by Matthew Campbell and Kit Chellel, Bloomberg Businessweek

Images/Graphics/Interactives Winner

"Business Visuals"

by Larry Buchanan, Karen Yourish, Walt Bogdanich, Jacqueline Williams, Ana Graciela Mendez, Motoko Rich, Amanda Cox, and Matthew Bloch, The New York Times

International Winner

"Venezuela Undone"

by Hannah Dreier and Ricardo Nunes, The Associated Press


"Dangerous Doses"

by Sam Roe, Karisa King, and Ray Long, Chicago Tribune

"Allegiant Air"

by William R. Levesque, Nathaniel Lash, and Anthony Cormier, Tampa Bay Times

Local Winner

"Painkiller Profiteers"

by Eric Eyre, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Personal Finance

"The High Cost of Coping"

by Taylor Tepper and Elizabeth O'Brien, MONEY Magazine


"Cosecha de Miseria (Harvest of Misery) & The Source"

by Gregory Gilderman, Marisa Venegas, Solly Granatstein, Shawn Efran, Marcus Stern, Brandon Kieffer, John Carlos Frey, and Monica Villamizar, Telemundo Network and


2017 Finalists

Audio Finalists

• Lisa Chow, Kaitlin Roberts, Molly Messick, Bruce Wallace, Luke Malone, Simone Polanen, Alex Blumberg, and Alexandra Johnes for "Dov Charney's American Dream" - Gimlet Media

• Krissy Clark, Caitlin Esch, Gina Delvac, and Nancy Farghalli for "The Uncertain Hour" - Marketplace

• Chris Arnold, Robert Smith, Uri Berliner, Neal Carruth, Alex Goldmark, Elizabeth Kulas, and Bryant Urstadt for "Wells Fargo Hurts Whistleblowers - NPR Investigation Sparks Senate Inquiry" - NPR

• Ilya Marritz, John Reitmeyer, Susan Berfield, Charles Herman, and Cayce Means for "Mall Madness" - WNYC Radio

Beat Reporting Finalists

• David Zahniser, Emily Alpert Reyes, Joe Fox, and Len De Groot for "Big Money, Unlikely Donors" - Los Angeles Times

• Natalie Kitroeff for "Natalie Kitroeff" - Los Angeles Times

• Lawrence Delevingne and Nate Raymond for "Platinum Partners Coverage" - Reuters

• Jennifer Hiller for "Mood Turns Black As Oil As Boom Turns Bust" - San Antonio Express-News

• Jonathan O'Connell for "Jonathan O'Connell" - The Washington Post

• Chico Harlan for "The Economics of Immigration" - The Washington Post

Breaking News Finalists

• John Peet, Jeremy Cliffe, and Tom Wainwright for "Brexit: A Tragic Split" - The Economist

Zanny Minton Beddoes, Henry Tricks, Anton La Guardia, Chris Lockwood, and Edward McBride for "Saudi Aramco: The World's Most Valuable IPO" - The Economist

• Ryan Mac and Matt Drange for "Gawker Breaking News" - Forbes

• Joseph Menn for "Yahoo Secretly Scanned Customer Emails for U.S. Intelligence" - Reuters

• Mike Bird, Georgi Kantchev, Jenny Gross, Jason Douglas, and the staff of The Wall Street Journal for "WSJ Covers Brexit" - The Wall Street Journal

Commentary Finalists

• Matt Levine for "Matt Levine" - Bloomberg News

• Shirley Leung for "A Series of Columns by Shirley Leung" - The Boston Globe

• Adrian Wooldridge for "Creative Destruction: The Schumpeter Column" - The Economist

• Matt O'Brien for "Global Divides" - The Washington Post

Explanatory Finalists

• Natalie Obiko Pearson, Sharang Limaye, Jason Gale, Lydia Mulvany, Monte Reel, Stephanie Baker, Wenxin Fan, and Adi Narayan for "Superbug Spreaders" - Bloomberg News

• Robert Smith, Stacey Vanek Smith, Jacob Goldstein, David Kestenbaum, Alex Goldmark, Jess Jiang, Noel King, Nick Fountain, and Bryant Urstadt for "Planet Money Buys Oil" - NPR's Planet Money

• Renee Dudley, Steve Stecklow, Alexandra Harney, Irene Jay Liu, and Reuters team for "Cheat Sheet" - Reuters

• Jonathan O'Connell, Kathy Orton, Jim Tankersley, Emily Badger, Ted Mellnik, Darla Cameron, Denise Lu and Kat Downs for "America's Housing Divide" - The Washington Post

• Todd C. Frankel, Peter Whoriskey, Jorge Ribas, and Michael Robinson Chavez for "Mobile Power - Human Toll" - The Washington Post

Feature Finalists

• Alana Semuels and Rebecca J. Rosen for "Alana Semuels on Who's Making It-and Who's Not Making It-in America" - The Atlantic

• Matthew Campbell and Kit Chellel for "Hot Mess: How Goldman Lost Libya's Money" - Bloomberg Businessweek

• Oliver Morton, James Fransham, Patrick Foulis, and Adrian Wooldridge for "America's Competition Problem" - The Economist

• Erika Fry for "Hot Mess" - Fortune

Images/Graphics/Interactives Finalists

• David Ingold and Spencer Soper for "Amazon Doesn't Consider the Race of Its Customers. Should It?" - Bloomberg Businessweek

• Lucy Rohr and Tom Standage for "The Economist on Snapchat" - The Economist

• Tom Burgis, Michael Peel, Pilita Clark, Charlie Bibby, and Kari-Ruth Pedersen for "Great Land Rush" - Financial Times

• Larry Buchanan, Karen Yourish, Walt Bogdanich, Jacqueline Williams, Ana Graciela Mendez, Motoko Rich, Amanda Cox, Matthew Bloch, Quoctrung Bui, Matt A.V. Chaban, Jeremy White, and Nicholas Casey for "Business Visuals" - The New York Times

International Finalists

• Hannah Dreier and Ricardo Nunes for "Venezuela Undone" - The Associated Press

• Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis for "How to Hack an Election" - Bloomberg Businessweek

• Peter Waldman, Javier Blas, Grant Smith, and Glen Carey for "Saudi Arabia Economy" - Bloomberg News

• Ana Graciela Mendez, Jacqueline Williams, Walt Bogdanich, Jeremy White, and Larry Buchanan for "The New Panama Canal: A Risky Bet" - The New York Times

Investigative Finalists

• Sam Roe, Karisa King, and Ray Long for "Dangerous Doses" - Chicago Tribune

• Harriet Ryan, Lisa Girion, and Scott Glover for "Investigating OxyContin" - Los Angeles Times

• Ryan Gabrielson and Topher Sanders for "Busted" - ProPublica

• William R. Levesque, Nathaniel Lash, and Anthony Cormier for "Allegiant Air" - Tampa Bay Times

• David A. Fahrenthold for "Trump's Charity" - The Washington Post

Local Finalists

• Eric Eyre for "Painkiller Profiteers" - Charleston Gazette-Mail

• Michael J. Berens and Patricia Callahan for "Suffering in Secret" - Chicago Tribune

• Karen Bouffard, Joel Kurth, and Walter Middlebrook for "Dirty Instruments at the Detroit Medical Center" - The Detroit News

• Jessica Calefati for "Is an Online School Cashing in on Failure?" - The Mercury News

Personal Finance Finalists

• Michael J. Mishak and Ben Wieder for "Drinks, Dinners, Junkets and Jobs: How the Insurance Industry Courts State Commissioners" - The Center for Public Integrity

• Taylor Tepper and Elizabeth O'Brien for "The High Cost of Coping" - MONEY Magazine

• Tara Siegel Bernard and Ron Lieber for "Public Sacrifice" - The New York Times

• Tim McLaughlin for "How the Owners of Fidelity Get Richer at Everyday Investors' Expense" - Reuters


• Anderson Cooper, Andy Court, Sarah Fitzpatrick, and Terry Manning for "60 Minutes: Strike-Through" - CBS News 60 Minutes

• Jim Cramer, Nikhil Deogun, Mitch Weitzner, Wally Griffith, Reid Collins Jr., James Segelstein, Christie Gripenburg, Charlotte Lewis, Patrick Ahearn, Steven T. Banton, Rich Korn, and Allison E. Stedman for "Ground Zero Rising: Freedom vs. Fear" - CNBC

• Greg Gilderman, Marisa Venegas, Neil Katz, Solly Granatstein, Shawn Efran, Marcus Stern, Brandon Kieffer, John Carlos Frey, Monica Villamizar, and Manuel Iglesias Perez for "Cosecha de Miseria (Harvest of Misery) & The Source" - Telemundo Network and

• Adya Beasley, Paul Kiernan, Nadia Sussman, João Pina, Christopher Kaeser, and Jill Kirschenbaum for "Mining Dam Failures Present a Global Danger" - The Wall Street Journal